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What Is a French Drain and why would I benefit from one?

There are many types of drainage systems that can be installed on a property including perimeter drains and downspout drains, and while the name French Drain sounds complicated, it really is just another type of drainage system that can be put in to alleviate a properties water issues.

Simply put, French Drains dry out the surface and subsurface of a lawn. They transport water away from one spot and into a designated area (discharge station), making them a great option for anyone looking to fix a wet, soggy yard. By installing a French Drain, you can take your lawn from damp and spongy, and transform it into a dry space that you can use much faster after a rainfall.

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French Drain companies in the Fraser Valley

Drainrock industries

What Their Website Says:

“We are a drainage specific company that only solves drainage related problems. We are not going to change a hot water tank, repair a furnace or install a sink. If you have a wet basement, damp crawlspace, musty odor or soggy yard, we have a drainage solution for you.”

Google Reviews:


Some Services offered:

  • Wet Backyard drainage
  • Wet basement solutions
  • Foundation crack repair
  • Hydro flushing/perimeter drains cleaning
  • Drain pipe video inspection


Why they made this list

Reviews state that are easy to work with, and that their whole team is professional and show up on time. Their website is laid out nicely for homeowner research, and pictures give detail into how they build their French Drain systems.

AMA Excavation, Drainage and septic

What Their Website Says:

“AMA Excavation, Drainage & Septic does quality work with fair prices. We are all about Honesty.”

Google Reviews:


Some Services offered:

  • Drainage
  • Excavation
  • Septic repair and installations


Why they made this list

AMA offers a free no obligation quote, and reviews state that they have great customer service, work quickly, and are professional.  


Terrafirma landscaping

What Their Website Says:

“Terrafirma Landscaping is a division of Felling Holdings Incorporated and specializes in complete custom landscaping services, modeling excellence and professionalism in the fine craftsmanship of landscape installation.  

Google Reviews:



Some services offered

  • Drainage services
  • Water features, fountains ponds & creeks
  • Waterfall bridges and decks
  • Track machine loader services
  • Parking lots
  • Tennis & basketball courts
  • Drainage piping, ditching and culverts
  • Tree, stump removal and chipper services

Why they made this list

Terrafirma offers a huge range of services and even does snow and winter services. Anyone looking to have a major overhaul on their property and only want to hire one contractor could hire terrafirma to take care of all of their needs.

Groundhog excavating and drainage

What Their Website Says:

“Honest, Reliable, Quality Service.  Customer satisfaction is our top priority.  Our ultimate goal is to save you money and eliminate your stress.  Whether you have a drainage problem to be solved or an updating project in mind, we are here to help!”

Google Reviews:


Some Services offered:

  • Drainage
  • Water mains
  • Sewer pipe
  • Driveway and trench drains
  • Pipe and sump cleaning

Why they made this list

Groundhog excavating and drainage offers a free estimate, and reviews state that they leave your site looking like it was untouched, and they are quick to respond.


When choosing a French Drain contractor for your project, take a good look at contractors’ websites and google reviews. This allows you to get insight into how these companies treat their customers, and whether or not they will be a good fit for you.


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