How To Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

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The summer is a time for grilling, drinks with friends, and outdoor celebrations. Readying the patio is on the top of our list of things to do when the weather starts to turn warmer! Your patio space should have the comforts of home, and fill you with joy each and every time you step on to it. Sometimes, however, we get bored of the same old looking patio year after year. By adding some simple touches, you can get excited about your patio again, and regain that feeling of joy for your backyard space.

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How do you create a backyard retreat?

Most people think that to get the patio space they have always dreamed of they need to break the bank, or hire a designer. Luckily, we are here to show you it is possible to create your dream outdoor living space without any fuss. You have already invested time and money into building your patio, and shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time and money to get it to be exactly what you have dreamed of.

Choosing outdoor furniture

Shopping for patio furniture, and outdoor seating, can be quite overwhelming if you do not know where to start, but furniture is the main thing that people look at when it comes to how your patio is set up. Afterall, the patio lounge and dining sets are where your guests will enjoy most of their time during your dinner party.

When considering what outdoor furniture to buy, keep these things in mind:

  • How big of a table/how many chairs will you need? Do you have a large family or a small one? Do you entertain many friends at once, or keep the group intimate?
  • Do you want everyone to have individual seats, or will couches do?
  • What color/style are you going for?
  • Location- Do you want to be able to bring food in and out of the house easily to the outdoor dining table? If you put your table in the middle of your patio, will it block areas, such as a fire pit or lounge area?


All of these things should be a factor in how big you want your patio set to be, and what style you are looking for in a lounge set. You do not want to invest in a set that turns out to be too small for your guests, or is too far away from your house when you are serving dinner that you end up not wanting to entertain outside.

Another thing to keep in mind before purchasing your furniture, is to make sure that you try it out to see if it is comfortable or not. There is no point in paying for furniture that looks good, if you can’t use it.

Keeping cozy outside

Whether you are reading a good book, catching up with old friends, or just taking in the sunset, nothing makes a patio feel and look as inviting as one that is comfortable and cozy. A great way to achieve a cozy patio is to add warm lighting. String lights along the outside and middle of a patio give off a warm glow that is attractive, and you can add as many or as little strings as you want, depending on how bright you would like your space to be.

If you are looking to spice up your lounge area, fire pits not only keep the space warm, but are nostalgic to our childhood days of camping, and who doesn’t love making s’mores? Fire pits come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes, and are sure to be the one spot that everyone gravitates to after a nice meal.

Extra seating areas like a hammock add a comfy space to put up your feet, and sit back and relax. Add some throw pillows to the mix, and you have a designated relaxation space that is sure to impress, while adding color, and a level of sophistication to the area. There is no better feeling than lounging on your outdoor space after a long week!

Outdoor rugs help brighten up your space, and give your outdoor patio a feel of comfort and coziness. You can find rugs that are weather resistant made for outdoor spaces.

Speakers can set up the atmosphere by allowing you to play soothing music, or a podcast while BBQ or just take in the outdoors. A plus to having speakers on your patio is that you can drown out distractions, and noises from the neighbourhood.

Adding a water feature like a pond or fountain acts as a great focal point for your space, and the sound of flowing water truly soothes the soul. Running water masks noise, and brings the sound of nature to your doorstep. Nothing is better than the sound of running water after a long day to help your mind slow down, and help you wind down for the evening.

Make your backyard space private

When you envision your perfect space, we can pretty much guarantee that it does not involve your neighbours checking you out from their backyard. Sometimes your backyard space does not allow for you to have the privacy you crave, but it is not impossible to bring solitude and quietness to your patio space.

Hedges add greenery, and privacy to your outdoor patio, and as the years go on, will provide you with even more private space as the hedges get taller and wider.


Adding planters with large plants, or large flowers in them, and creating a living wall, will connect you with nature while allowing you privacy. A bonus of the living wall is that you can choose your favourite plants to Spruce up the space, and can add different colors and textures creating a unique backdrop to your patio that is sure to spark conversation.

If you have a pergola and do not want to add a roof structure, vines or drapes add a nice touch to the space, and block any unwanted views. Green vines add to the outdoor appeal, and white flowy drapes can add a sense of airiness to your space.

Lastly, you can never go wrong with adding a big umbrella to your space. It blocks neighbours’ views of your yard, and helps shield you from the sun. Due to the many prints and colors umbrellas come in, they will add to the design of your area.

All of these options allow you the privacy you crave to be on your patio and suntan, or just hang out, without having to worry about people seeing you. One of the reasons patio season is so sought after, is that time spent on a patio that is functional and beautiful gives you a feeling of total relaxation after a hard day at work. This time allows us time for peace and quiet, and recharges us.

Make your patio fun

The joy of having your own outdoor space is that you have the freedom to decorate it, and add whatever you want to it! Small, simple, touches can turn your patio from mundane to a great spot for entertaining.

Adding a T.V and WIFI allows you to bring the indoors outside. Having a movie night outside is always a fun way for you and your family to spend quality time together, and who doesn’t want to watch the game from the comfort of a patio?

Outdoor bars add an extra spot for seating, extra table space, and a fun spot to chat with friends and family and enjoy some cocktails. Bars can be custom made, and bring a wow factor to your patio space.

A kitchen area can allow you to make delicious meals while at the same time enjoying your guests and being part of the entertainment, rather than cooped up inside cooking. Having a fridge installed with your outdoor kitchen allows guests to grab cold drinks whenever they like, and means that you will not have to worry about running out of ice.

By adding some of these things to your patio, you will guarantee that you and your friends and family will have a perfect summer spot that gets used day after day, without ever having to leave your home.


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