all you need to know about working with back40landscaping!

Offering reliable landscaping services to homeowners in British Columbia since 2013

Thank you for taking the time to let us in on your project!

Our goal for our first phone call with you is to learn more about your project, what is important to you, and if we are a good fit for one another.

As homeowners ourselves, we believe that the most important part of a landscaping project is who you choose to work with. We want you to learn who we are, what our qualifications are, and what you can expect when working with us.

Back 40 landscaping is owned by Sam and Natasha Maerz.

When we started our business in 2013, we vowed to:

  • Complete each and every project like we were doing it at our own home, and make sure that everyone on the team is certified to do the job exactly how it is supposed to be done.

  • Have Natasha in the office to answer the phone every time it rings

  • Have Sam onsite every day, at every project. From start to finish you know who is going to be working in your yard.


Did you know that you can be certified in building retaining walls and paver projects?

Sam has every certification that you can get for retaining walls and pavers, ensuring that your project is done as per Allan Block and CMHA specifications. These certifications can give you peace of mind that your project will last.

Sam’s certifications

  • Certified Allan Block Experienced wall installer

  • CMHA Segmental Retaining wall Installer

  • CMHA Retaining wall inspector

  • CMHA Concrete Paver installer

Google reviews/social media

We think the best way to vet a company and learn about what it is like to work with them is through their google reviews and social media.

Check out any of our 57 five-star reviews to learn about us, and take a look at our YouTube channel and Facebook page. (Just click on the blue button!)


On our website we have over 200 articles about retaining walls, drainage, pavers, gravel and excavation.

We started this education so that customers could understand exactly what their project entails, and to help you understand the difference between us and other contractors.

You are getting ready to spend your hard-earned money, and should know how your project is being built, material options, and possible problems that can arise so that you know exactly what you are getting.

Our process/site visits and payment terms

Our process is quite different from other contractors and we find that we are able to serve our customers to the highest degree because of it. Please read what our process is so you know what the next steps are.

Why we charge for our site visits

Our goal is to make sure that everyone is on the same page and that you are comfortable with the ballpark price that we provide over the phone before we come to your site.

We know your time is valuable, and since we are able to give you a ballpark price over the phone using the pictures and measurements you provided, you are able to learn how much your project is going to cost the same day you contact us instead of waiting weeks for a site visit.

Project Pricing

While certification, and trusting your contractor are important, we understand price matters. Take a look at our pricing pages to see what a project like yours might cost.

Why do we ask you for a budget?

Each and every project can be completed using different amount, types, and style of materials, and can be built different ways. 

We build your projects scope of work based on your budget.

Without one, there is no starting point for us to how we are going to design your specific project.

If you do not have a budget in mind, think about what you are wanting and able to spend. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and what it is like to work with us. 

We look forward to learning more about your project!