how much is my allan block retaining wall realistically going to cost?

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How much do retaining walls cost?

This will always be one of the first questions a retaining wall shopper will ask when starting their retaining wall installation journey, and for good reason.

We understand that price matters!  

Why does price matter?

Price often dictates what material your retaining wall is going to be made out of, what the wall will look like, if there are any add on’s (plants and lighting) and what the remediation of the project looks like.  

As a consumer, you need to know what your initial budget is and plan for any problems that may occur with the retaining wall build along the way. This is true for any size and type of retaining wall you are thinking of installing.

It is tough to answer this question right off the bat because retaining walls have so many options on how they are built, and variables like access to your space affect the price of the build.

It’s tough to know the price of a retaining wall project unless you as the homeowner have figured out exactly what you want. (Think of what you want the final project to look like).

Throughout our years in the retaining wall industry we have provided answers to this question multiple times.

Our goal is to educate homeowners on all things related to retaining walls, even if this means that they end up choosing to go a different route with their build.

Please keep in mind that these prices are estimates based on a certain scope of work. Your yard may come with challenges that obviously cannot be included in the price of the build, or you may want add on’s that change the scope of work, therefore, changing the price of your retaining wall.

Remember, prices can vary drastically based on who installs your wall, and what product you choose for your wall build.

Now, let’s get into the good stuff!


How much does an Allan Block retaining wall cost in 2024?

Basic Retaining walls start at $15,000 and go all the way up to $100,000 + depending on how long and high the wall is.


A small wall 25 ft long x 4 ft high starts at $15,000

An average wall 80 ft long x 4 ft high starts at $40,000

A Large wall 100 ft long x 4 ft high starts at $80,000


Basic retaining wall install

What is included in a basic retaining wall install

  • Disposal and demo of old retaining wall
  • Retaining wall built to Allan Block specifications (straight wall)
  • Rough clean-up of yard/driveway/road
  • Rough regrade of yard


Add on’s for a retaining wall installs

The price range for a retaining wall can increase as you add more options or elaborate designs to the scope of work.

What add ons will change the price of a retaining wall project?

  • Stairs
  • Curved walls
  • Different types of retaining wall block
  • Different sizes of retaining wall block
  • Different colors of retaining wall block
  • Lights
  • Plants
  • Lawn remediation
  • Mulch or gravel in between tiered walls
  • Permits and engineering


Again, these prices are for a basic retaining wall and are based on how long and how high your retaining wall is, with open access for machines. Each property is going to need a slightly different retaining wall, so your final price may look different, especially if you add anything extra to the build.

We hope you have developed a better feel for what retaining walls costs, and what to expect when you start your retaining wall buying process.

We would love to help get you an actual price for your specific retaining wall, just click here to get started!