A good french drain system design to match your budget ,expectations, and lifestyle

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For most of us, our backyards are our private space to go to when we want to relax and unwind, and where we gather to entertain our friends and family. Here in the Fraser Valley, rain can quickly demolish our plans of having a get together. If your yard does not have a French Drain system, you could be waiting days or even weeks for your yard groundwater to dry up (depending on how much rainfall it sees) and be dry enough to use again. The good news is, a Good French Drain system can dry up your yard quickly and have you entertaining in no time.

Table of contents

  • Advanced French Drain design
  • Good, Better, and Best French Drain design
  • A Good French Drain design system
  • Why is a French Drain design layout so important?
  • Who can benefit from a Good French Drain design?
  • Cost of a Good French Drain design
  • Graphic layout of a Good French Drain design

Advanced French Drain design

This articles main focus is to educate you about French Drain design layouts, and the benefits of installing a system that meets all of your individual needs. If you are unfamiliar with French Drains, we recommend reading “What is a French Drain?” first, where you will find information on the purpose of French Drains, methods of how a French Drain is installed, and the materials that are used in a French Drain system installation.

Good, Better, and Best French Drain design

While the materials and methods used to instal a French Drain system will basically be the same for every homeowner wanting to put a system in, each yard will have its own challenges and needs. Not only will each yard be unique, every homeowner has different needs, wants, and expectations for why they are putting in a system, and how fast they want their system to get rid of their pooling yard water. This is where the French Drain design layout comes in.  The beauty of a French Drain system is that its design and layout can be created to match anyone’s needs, and cater to what they are wanting out of a system. This is why we have a Good, Better and Best system that will each meet the needs of your budget expectations and lifestyle.  

A Good French Drain design system

French- Drain -Drainage -pipe-baughman-tile

Why is a French Drain design layout so important?

The purpose of putting in a French Drain is to dry out the surface and subsurface of a yard. To figure out the layout of the system that is going to be installed, we need to look at how wet the yard is, how much water the drain needs to get rid of, and how quickly the yard is going to be used after a rain event. Simply put, the more pipe that is placed in your yard, the better the drainage system, and the faster you will be able to use your yard.


Who can benefit from a Good French Drain design?


A Good French drain design will dry your yard up within 36 hours after a rain event in most cases. This level of drainage may be perfect for you if you:


  • Only use your yard every once in a while, (Give or take a couple times a week)
  • Have a specific financial investment you don’t want to exceed
  • Do little entertaining, BBQ’s etc.
  • Do not need to worry about dirt being tracked in your home by children or worried about cleaning up dirty paw prints from pets
  • Are ok with mowing on Mother Nature’s schedule, not yours (Mowing a wet yard will cause ruts in your lawn)
  • Homeowners who can wait a little longer for their yards to dry up, and are okay with the possibility of upgrading their system in the future (Any Good, Better, or Best French Drain design can be upgraded)


Cost of a Good French Drain design

The cost of a Good French Drain differs from yard to yard. Each property is different and will require a different means of installation.  Factors that determine the price of a Good French Drain system are:

  • The layout of the French Drain, since the more pipe that is placed will increase the length of the trench, and the amount of materials needed to install the French Drain system.
  • The layout of the backyard that the system is being installed in. In some cases, fences will need to be taken down, bushes and trees will need to removed etc.
  • Location and complexity of your specific site.


A typical cost of a good French Drain system is $8,000-$14,000 as shown in the French Drain design drawing below


French- drain- design- layout -1

When choosing a French Drain system, it is imperative to keep in mind that while the size of your yard is a factor in what your French Drain design will look like, what matters more is how fast you want your yard to be dry.

To see if you can benefit from a faster drying system check out The Better French Drain design, and The Best French drain design!

If you think that a Good French Drain design layout will work for you and your needs, click here to get a quote.