Abbotsford 2021 curbside collection calendar

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Your 2021 Abbotsford garbage schedule should be arriving over the next few days!

Here is a sneak peek if it hasn't arrived yet, and 1 section that is USUALLY overlooked, and undervalued!

If your household is anything like ours you quickly open it up to find what is and maybe more importantly what is not allowed according to the Abbotsford garbage rules.

We are always quick to check if household glass is allowed, or if the new recycling rules allow plastic shopping bags.

Unfortunately yet again, glass and plastic shopping bags will not be allowed in the Blue Curbside Collection bins.

Glass and plastic bags can be recycled at one of the Recycle BC Depots.

Abbotsford Bottle Depot

Abbotsford Mission Recycling Depot

Mission Recycle Centre

The next place we look is the Curbside pickup calendar

Fortunately for us our Abbotsford garbage day has not changed.

If yours has changed, and you think you may need some help remembering there is an app available for download.

The Abbotsford Curbside Collection app is available for download on both Apple and Android OS.

New this year in Abbotsford

  • Abbotsford city council has approved a new cart based, fully automatic collection system.
  • For more details on the collection cart program click here.
  • The garbage day pickup schedule only goes until end of April 2021, at which time a new schedule will be unveiled. 

Abbotsford yard waste drop off

As a landscaper in Abbotsford I LOVE that the city also provides us yard waste drop off.

These coupons allow residents of Abbotsford to dispose of organic material for free.

What can I dispose of with these coupons?

If you need professional help send Back 40 landscaping an email.

We frequently use these coupons on behalf of our clients to reduce disposal costs.

Usually we are provided with 6 coupons, however in 2021 we will be provide 3 initially, and another 6 when our new wheeled bins arrive.

This is to help us with the transition to the new wheeled bins arriving in February 2021.

What are the yard waste coupon rules in Abbotsford?

Yard Waste Coupon Terms and Conditions

  • Offer valid for Abbotsford residents currently receiving curbside collection services from the City only.
  • Proof of residence is required.
  • Coupon does not apply to food waste or commercial yard waste. Regular fees for these loads will apply.
  • Maximum load accepted per coupon is limited to the equivalent of one 5×8 foot utility trailer to a maximum weight of 1 tonne.
  • Redemption limit of one coupon per visit.
  • Coupon must be surrendered at time of drop off.
  • No substitutions or cash value.  Non-transferable.
  • A paper copy of the coupon must be presented for use. Electronic copies or photocopies will NOT be accepted.
  • Additional charges may apply for larger diameter stumps and branches (greater than 15 cm (6”) in diameter).
  • If you misplace your yard waste coupons, replacement coupons will only be provided once per calendar year for any given property.

Where do I dump green yard waste?

Netzero waste Abbotsford also offers the highest quality organic compost in Abbotsford

Please note I am not affiliated with Netzero in any way. I am providing this information for educational purposes only.

  • Class A compost 5/8″ screened – 2020 price $15-20/yard
  • Class A compost 1/4″ screened – 2020 price $30-40 /yard
  • Garden blend 50% compost 50% sand – 2020 price $30-40 /yard
  • Premium potting soil Compost Peat Perlite – 2020 price $30-40 /yard
  • Custom blends (inquire only)

All compost is certified organic – weed free – more than 50% organic – contains slow release organic fertilizer – no chemicals added


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