Back 40 landscaping retaining wall Installer qualifications

Offering reliable landscaping services to homeowners in British Columbia since 2013

Picture of Sam Maerz

Sam Maerz

Owner/Site Foreman

Back 40 Landscaping is located in Abbotsford B.C, Canada and we primarily focus on Allan Block Retaining Walls, Paver Patios, and French Drain installations.

Back 40 Landscaping Qualifications

What makes us  experts on Allan Block Retaining Walls?

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sam Maerz, and along with my wife Natasha, we own Back 40 Landscaping. I am a Trained and Certified Level 2 Allan Block wall Installer.

To attain this level of certification is a combination of classroom training, field training, and job site experience, covering all of the most challenging aspects of building a retaining wall.

Allan Block Contractor Certification Program

Level 1 – Certified Allan Block Wall Installer

Allan Block Contractor Training Certification Training Course         

            The advantages of the Allan Block product line

            How Allan Blocks work

            Basic Principles of wall design

            How Allan Block & Geogrid reinforcement work together

            Basic design methodology

            Why walls Fail

            Wall estimating tools

            Proper methods for constructing an Allan Block wall

            Hands-on participation building walls with AB products

            Written exam

            Completion of a wall with min height of 3’, and more than 300 units


Level 2 – Experienced Wall Installer

            Complete an additional 5 walls that meet the following criteria

            Walls comply with local building codes

            Walls constructed meet industry tolerances

            Walls have a min height of 3’, and more than 300 units

            Geogrid reinforcement was used on a minimum of 3 of the 5 walls

            Stamped drawings from a local engineer on a minimum of 3 of the 5 walls

            Walls submitted must contain:

            Curves (inside or outside)

            Step up or step downs

            Slopes above the top of the wall

            Terraced wall

            Water management detail


Level 3- Master Wall Builder

           Complete additional walls totalling a minimum of 25,000 blocks, or 10 walls with.                 an average of 1000 blocks per wall.

            Walls must meet the above requirements

            Geogrid reinforcement was used on a minimum of 70% of the submitted walls

            Stamped drawings from a local engineer were used on a minimum of 70% of the                walls

            Each of the following conditions must be covered on 70% of the walls submitted


            Step up/down

            Slopes above the wall


            Water management detail

            Letter of reference from a minimum of 2 general contractors/property                                    owners/developers


The Back 40 Landscaping Team

Our team consists of Sam, Viktor, and Lindon.

We are all Allan Block trained and certified!

Out of all the training and resources Allan Block offers, without a doubt, the most valuable is being able to call Bruce Stickney.

He is a highly knowledgeable veteran of the retaining wall community, and we are lucky to now call him a mentor and friend.

He officially works for Allan Block as their trainer and liaison,  and contractors who want to can build their customers the very best Allan Block retaining walls possible.