Why choose allan block for a retaining wall?

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Why choose Allan Block?

In most applications  we really recommend the use of Allan Block for a strong long lasting retaining wall.

How are we able to strongly recommend Allan Block?

Our expertise is in building Allan Block retaining walls. We are trained and Certified in building Allan Block retaining walls, and have a passion for building retaining walls that actually last. 

But before we get into that lets quickly address when it may not be the right fit.

If you have a country feel to your property with a lot of natural landscaping elements a natural boulder retaining wall may be more appropriate. It would be just as strong, and last just as long if not longer , but more importantly, it may fit in better.

Now the caveat is that you also need a good amount of working room for a large enough machine to be able to set the large boulders.

The other scenario when an Allan Block wall might not be the best option is if you have a lot of wood in your landscaping and you want to keep it all the same or at least similar.

While wood will not last as long, it can look very natural and unassuming in the right landscape.

why Allan Block is my go-to choice for using as a retaining wall material option

  1. You know what you’re getting with Allan Block in terms of color, size, layout, and patterns. You can see it in a magazine or book, and picture that in your yard, and  the material in every city will be the same because it’s very consistent.

Unlike a natural boulder wall which can come in random colors, sizes, and shapes Allan block is very uniform and consistent.

  1. The blocks can be big and heavy which is a huge plus!

A strong retaining wall needs to be heavy to hold back hundreds of thousands of pounds of soil.

Unlike small DIY blocks the big Allan Blocks weigh 75lbs each, and really lock together and retain soil.

They are core filled with gravel and do not move when properly installed. 

  1. Allan Block has world class training and support.

If a contractor truly wants to learn how to instal a textbook retaining wall, Allan Block will step up and lead the training.

They have 3 skill levels of training for every category they sell, and back that up with not only written documentation, but field support for any project you want help on.

  1. Allan Blocks come in many colors, sizes and patterns for even the most serious designers! The best part is that most of these patterns work with the jumbo blocks. This mean your first course foundation can be the big ones, and the visible higher rows can be a very decorative creative pattern that turns your retaining wall from a standard one, into a magazine worthy focal point suitable for back dropping any backyard.
  1. Even though Allan Blocks are really heavy they can be handled by hand. This means that in tight access areas, or small backyards without machine access they can be used. Bigger natural boulder walls need to be set by machine, so they are limited in the versatility. Allan Blocks are the most versatile retaining wall material out of all your options.

 Allan block may not be the best choice in every project, but it certainly is the most versatile block, and that makes it our  most commonly used retaining wall material option.