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Back 40 Landscaping are experts in building retaining walls, with all of our crew being trained and certified by Allan Block themselves. 

What is Allan Block?

Allan Block (also known as retaining wall block) is a type of concrete brick (block) used to build retaining walls and garden walls. Allan Block can be used to constrain volumes of soil or other earth-based materials to specific areas.

Why choose Allan Block?

You know what you’re getting with Allan Block in terms of color, size, layout, and patterns. You can see it in a magazine or book, and picture it in your yard. The material in every city will be the same because it’s very consistent.

Allan Blocks come in many colors, sizes and patterns for even the most serious designers! The best part is that most of these patterns work with the jumbo blocks. This mean your first course foundation can be the big ones, and the visible higher rows can be a very decorative creative pattern that turns your retaining wall from a standard one, into a magazine worthy focal point suitable for back dropping any backyard.

Even though Allan Blocks are really heavy they can be handled by hand. Which is useful with  tight access areas, or small backyards without machine access. Allan Blocks are the most versatile retaining wall material out of all your options.

Wall Colors 

Unlike a natural boulder wall which can come in random colors, sizes, and shapes Allan block is very uniform and consistent. The most popular colors for allan block are grey, charcoal and rocky mountain. They also come in Silverado, and sandstone.



Allan Block has world class training and support.

If a contractor truly wants to learn how to instal a textbook retaining wall, Allan Block will step up and lead the training.

They have 3 skill levels of training for every category they sell, and back that up with not only written documentation, but field support for any project you want help on.


Most popular Allan Block options


AB Collection

The simple clean lines of the AB Collection bring home the essence of Main Street USA. The “apple pie” of the Allan Block family of retaining wall products brings a refined look of classic beauty to any landscape.

AB Europa collection

The AB Europa Collection offers the look and feel of weathered stone to the landscape. If your design calls for an elegant and ageless look, AB Europa is the right choice. These retaining wall blocks can be used individually or blended together in an AB Abbey Blend patterned wall. The timeless beauty and unique texture of the AB Europa Collection a stunning look and gives old world charm to any landscape. 

New to Allan Block

AB Aztec Collection

Introducing the AB Aztec Collection. Inspired by the walls in Cusco, Peru, Capital of the Incans which are more than 500 years old. No need to learn the tricks of a new system, AB Aztec uses the same installation steps and engineering calculations as the AB and AB Europa Collections. The difference is in the smooth, molded face that is subtle but impressive.

Allan Block is a great material to build your retaining wall from due to the companies high standards, the variety of color and blocks, and the ease in which they can be installed.