Backyard pond vs. water fountain

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Adding a water feature to any outdoor space can instantly create a peaceful, calming atmosphere, whatever the size you choose. Anyone that has a backyard can benefit from incorporating water into their space, and water fountains and ponds can be designed to match homeowners’ aesthetic, and needs. Whether you are looking for a small water feature to listen to while drinking you morning coffee, or are looking for it to be the focal point of your yard, water features add an ambiance to any outdoor living space.

Backyard pond

What is a pond?

A backyard pond, or garden pond, is a water feature that is constructed in a garden, or part of a landscape. Its purpose is to be aesthetically pleasing, can provide a habitat for wildlife,( fish pond, or koi pond), and can even be used as a natural swimming pool depending on its size. Whether you have a small pond or a large swimming pond, they add value to your outdoor space.


The cost of ponds are determined by the materials used, size of the pond, and features added.  A small pond made out of basic material will be a few thousand dollars. Adding any decorative stone, fish, water features, or making the pond deeper, will add to the cost of your pond.


Pond installations usually require a professional to install, as they do require some skill. A contractor/landscaper will be able to ensure that your pond is in a good location ( patio pond, or placed in your yard), and will avoid any electrical or sewer lines.


All water features will require maintenance throughout the year. If your pond has plants or fish, your pond will require extra maintenance. Dead leaves and plants should be removed from your pond on a regular basis, and fish and plants need to be fed regularly. Most ponds contain a filter that helps keep them clean, and filters need to be cleaned and checked every once in a while. If you have a pond waterfall, there may be a little more maintenance involved to keep the waterfall going.

Winter maintenance

All water features will require extra maintenance to prepare them for the freezing temperatures of winter. If you have fish in your pond, you cannot let your water freeze. Talk to your contractor/landscaper about whether or not you are going to keep your fish in the pond during the winter. If you do keep your fish in your pond during the winter, a pond de-icer can be used to keep the water from freezing.

Backyard water fountains

What is a water fountain?

A backyard water fountain, garden fountain, ( sometimes called a pondless stream or pondless water feature) is a sheet of water that slips down the surface of an object, such as an urn, to a reservoir that holds a pump beneath a layer of decorative stone. Fountains come in many shapes, sizes and designs.


Fountains come in many sizes and have different features, so you can expect to find one that suits your price range. Anything that is going to need a professional to install is going to cost more, than a fountain that you buy at a home improvement store that is ready out of the box.


Depending on the size of your fountain, homeowners can install it themselves, or hire a professional.  Homeowners have many different options to choose from when looking for a water fountain. There are disappearing waterfalls, small outdoor water features, Stone water fountains, cascading water fountains,  and simple backyard water fountains. Free standing fountains are a popular choice for a garden or backyard, and the fountain that you choose will determine installation costs.


Fountain pumps, (pumps that keep your water supply moving) should be cleaned every couple of months to get rid of build-up, and algae.

Winter maintenance

Fountains need to be drained for the winter. Doing this will avoid the fountain being damaged or cracked by freezing water. If your fountain is small enough, bring it inside to protect it from the winter weather, or cover it with a water-resistant cover.

Any water feature you choose is sure to add relaxation to your outdoor living space, and will be enjoyed by all. When deciding what is the best option for your space, think about maintenance, location, and how big you want your water feature to be.