Picture of Natasha Maerz

Natasha Maerz

Owner/Office Manager

We are experts in building retaining walls, with all of our crew being trained and certified in building retaining walls that last. 

What is Barkman? 

Barkman is a company that makes concrete products, such as paving stones and retaining wall blocks. 

At Barkman they are committed to product quality and customer satisfaction, with their  products meeting or even exceeding the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards. They use only superior grade materials and employ stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process to ensure a quality product every time. All Barkman products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

Why choose Barkman?

Barkmans research and development team is committed to ensuring that all of their products have been developed and engineered to provide the ultimate in durability, even in the harshest of climatic conditions.

Whether it be creating a custom mix design to meet the needs of their customers or ensuring that they are up to date with all our manufacturing processes, their R&D team plays a vital role in all aspects of support to both Barkman’s sales and operations teams.

Wall Colors 

Ash,Flint and sterling are popular Barkman retaining wall colors. These colors look very natural and match with any part of a yard. 


On Barkmans website you can find resource guides, how to’s and spec sheets. 

Most popular Barkman retaining  wall options 

Rosetta Outcropping 


Rosetta Outcropping walls bring the natural allure of ancient stone walls to your project with this highly accessible and majestically impressive product.

Easier to work with than natural stone, you’ll be enjoying your newly transformed backyard paradise in no time.



Architextures™ is the latest large format, contemporary retaining wall from Barkman.

It’s built to handle the most demanding landscaping challenges, and designed to fit seamlessly in the most modern of spaces.

Bridgewood wall 

Each piece features a realistic wood texture on each face taken from actual pieces of a wood plank. Unlike traditional wood surfaces, Bridgewood Wall will never rot or warp.

This product is perfect for freestanding walls, small planter boxes and garden walls. Add the warmth and feel of natural wood to your landscape projects with Bridgewood Wall.

Barkman retaining wall products are unique and their  colors are unmatched.  You cannot go wrong by choosing Barkman for your next retaining wall project.