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Natasha Maerz

Owner/Office Manager

We are experts in building retaining walls, with all of our crew being trained and certified.

What is Basalite?

Basalite is a company that manufactures retaining wall block, pavers and decorative rock. 


Basalite’s Core Values guide our behavior and our business. The test of a company’s values is not what is written or said, but by the actions and decisions made every day.


  • INTEGRITY: consistent behavior that is genuine, truthful and forthright.
  • SAFETY: an environment in which people take uncompromising responsibility to protect themselves and others.
  • RESPECT: is recognizing each person, their contribution and perspective.
  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: our customers’ success promotes our success.
  • QUALITY: is performance that meets or exceeds expectations and industry standards.
  • INNOVATION: is forward thinking that results in creative ideas that position our organization for success.
  • FINANCIAL SUCCESS: is assurance of the profitability and stability of the Organization.

Why choose Basalite?

Basalite blocks are one of the most common vertically stacking retaining wall blocks on the market. Their unique peg system allows them to be stacked vertically unlike Allan blocks that require a 10-degree slope, Basalite blocks utilize a fiberglass peg system as well as fill to attain their strength & rigidity. Basalite blocks come in a large array of colors, with a great variety or edge blocks that make for great-looking corners and stairs.



Wall Colors

The most popular colors for Basalite retaining walls  are grey, roman and ebony. They also come in canyon blend, mountain tan and tuscany. 



Basalite has a document library on their site with information like what cleaners and sealers to use with their products, and how to do safely. 

Most popular Basalite Options 



Valley Stone 

Valley Stone™ retaining wall block is a must-have for the professional looking for an easy-to-use system. Valley Stone™ blocks with side wings allow for a smoother installation. Also incorporated into the design are additional pinholes for multiple set-back options.


Garden Stack

Outdoor areas of any size or shape can be transformed with the Basalite Garden Stack freestanding wall. Textured on both sides, the Garden Stack wall is attractive from all angles and is perfect for those small landscaping projects that require straight or curved walls. Maximum wall height not to exceed 2 feet.



Geowall pro 

The Geowall Series by Basalite features an open core design and high strength pin connection system. Each block face measures one square foot for easy calculation.

Geowall Pro is the smallest of the series. The lighter weight and shorter tail design make it easy to handle for installers and a perfect choice for residential projects in addition to roadway, residential and commercial projects. It can be used by itself for short gravity walls or in combination with geogrid for taller structural earth walls. The Pro is available in multiple face styles.

Basalite retaining wall products come in many different colors, and the styles look timeless, adding to anyones landscape.