Best Backyard Fire Pits

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Outdoor fire pits on a patio are great for an evening of entertaining no matter what the weather is, and there really is nothing better than sitting around a fire with family and friends! There are many different options when it comes to fire pits, and what will work best with your outdoor living space will differ from homeowner to homeowner.

Types of backyard fire pits

Wood burning fire pits

Wood burning fire pits provide homeowners with an authentic feel of being around a real fire. The smoke and crackle of the wood burning will have you reminiscing of childhood days on a campsite. Wood burning fire pits can be made out of stone or brick, and have a classic look that never goes out of style. While wood burning fire pits make any space aesthetically appealing, because real wood is used, homeowners will have to either cut wood themselves, or buy a stockpile of wood. Not only that, you will need to keep your wood completely dry, which makes wood burning fire pits a good option for homeowners with larger yards.

Propane fire pits

Propane patio fire pits have an elegance to them, and come in a variety of designs, like rock pebbles, faux wood, and glass. Portable propane fire bowls are a nice option for anyone wanted to switch up the location of the backyard propane fire pit, and are typically light weight. They give off the same warmth and ambiance as a fireplace you would find inside. Round firepit tables, or rectangle fire pits are popular for outdoor living spaces that are larger, and have a nice feature of providing a spot to put your drink or food down while you relax. This type of fire pit is also safer than most, because there is a large distance between guests and the flames, due to the vast ledge that encompasses the fire pit. For homeowners who enjoy spending time

On their front porch, you can even have a porch fire pit to enjoy during chilly nights.

Natural gas patio fire pits

An upgrade to propane fire pits, gas fire pits provide a fireplace that runs on natural gas, ensuring that your fire won’t run out of fuel and nothing beats the ambiance of a gas fire pit under a covered patio. Maintenance for natural gas fire pits are low, however, depending on where homeowners want to incorporate a natural gas fire pit in their space, could be costly to install. Having a natural gas line installed in your backyard can be expensive, depending on its location. Natural gas fire pits are permanent, so you will not be able to move your fire pit once it is installed.

Gel fuel fire pits

The gel used in gel fuel fire pits is clean, and burns without producing a smell, or smoke. They can be moved anywhere in your back yard and are very versatile. Gel fuel logs create a real look and feel of a fire, and anyone one who is looking for a small fire in their backyard should consider getting a gel fuelled tabletop display. These can be used both inside and out, making it a great option for homeowners who enjoy fire pits inside and out, and do not want to get an inside fireplace.

How to choose a fire pit?

When choosing what type of fire pit to purchase, think about how much you will be using your fire pit, and what you are looking to get from it. If you are looking for a fire pit that is going to give off a lot of warmth, and feel authentic, a wood fire pit does the job. Gel fuel fire pits give off a great ambiance, but do not provide much heat, so again, if heat is what you are after, they may not be right for you.

Another thing to consider is if you want your clothing and hair to smell like campfire smoke. If you would rather come in from a night on your patio not smelling of campfire, a natural gas fire pit would be the best choice for you, as it gives off heat and the look of a fire, but does not smell.

As you can see, there are many fire pit options to choose from for your outdoor living space, and all homeowners will be able to find something that fits their needs. Investing in a fire pit that will last should be something to consider, as everyone enjoys sitting around a fire, and fire pits will never go out of style.