who are the best retaining wall builders in chilliwack b.c?

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Natasha Maerz

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Here at Back 40 landscaping our aim is to educate our customers as best we can about all things retaining walls. We often get asked who are some of the competitors we have in the area are when it comes to retaining walls.

Since we want our customers to be as informed as possible, we have come up with a list of solid retaining wall builders in Chilliwack B.C with a history for retaining wall builds.  

Jovak Landscape and Design

Jovak Landscape and Design started in 2012 in Chillwack B.C. They have their own designer on staff, and now do pool construction as well.

Jakes Landscaping

Jakes landscaping is based in Chilliwack B.C and specializes in landscape design and build services. They are level 2 certified Allan Block installers and certified in segmental retaining walls.

JCM Construction

JCM Construction serves Hope to Vancouver, and works with local homeowners, construction developers, government infrastructure and on municipal projects.

Rampton Stonescapes

Rampton Stonescapes started in 1992 and their website states that they focus on three core fundamentals “Quality, Integrity and Creativity”.

Axco Construction

Axco construction has over 20 years experience building not only retaining walls but highway bridges and heavy infrastructure in British Columbia. They have three locations Chilliwack, Abbotsford and Agassiz.