Borealis retaining wall block

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The Borealis retaining wall replicates the rustic wood garden wall look in a maintenance-free, more durable concrete option.

Inspired by the use of railroad ties in both traditional and modern landscape design, the Borealis wall’s versatility extends from simple edging for flowerbeds all the way to the creation of garden walls and outdoor kitchens.

Offered in two alluring wood colors and compatible with the rest of the Borealis collection, the Borealis retaining wall is the best choice for capturing the esthetics of wood with the practicality and durability of concrete.

Borealis Retaining Wall Colors 


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6 × 8 × 48

Borealis Retaining Wall Block Applications 

Borealis wall blocks can be used for retaining walls, Garden walls, outdoor water features and outdoor fire features.