What is more durable, patio pavers or stamped concrete?

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What is more durable patio pavers, or stamped concrete?

When deciding what is more durable between patio pavers and stamped concrete, we need to understand that they are both extremely durable, and there won’t be a clear winner between the two for durability in the traditional sense.

Pavers are usually made to a minimum psi of 8000, while concrete is typically made to 3000psi.

This means that pavers are technically stronger, but again when was the last time you saw soft concrete?

In order to decide between the two, we need to think about it from a maintenance and lifespan before it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Concrete is poured as a single pour, and is for the most part a solid unit.

There are relief cuts so that when the concrete cracks which it will, it cracks in the pre made joints.

This however, doesn’t always happen, and you can be left with big cracks across your patio.


Pavers on the other hand are individual blocks that will not crack themselves. The joint sand between them is flexible, so you will not see unsightly cracks.


Pavers may seem like the obvious choice so far, but unfortunately, they also require the most maintenance.

Joint sand needs to be replaced every 10-15 years, or anytime you pressure wash the pavers, as the water will blow out the joint sand.

Unlike pavers, when you pressure wash concrete, it requires no extra maintenance afterwards.

Simply put , concrete has the lowest maintenance, but will crack seemingly where you least want it too.

Pavers have the highest maintenance, but in my opinion look much richer, and are worth the added maintenance.

In high end landscaping , pavers are usually the go to choice because of the added depth they bring.

They are available in so many colors, finishes, and textures, that there will probably be a paver for everyone.