Everything you need to know about artificial turf

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Everything you need to know about Artificial turf


Artificial turf (artificial grass) is great for anyone looking to have the look of beautiful grass, without the hassle of maintaining it. Artificial turf has come a long way in the last couple of years, and there are many factors that make it appealing to homeowners and their landscaping.

What is artificial turf/artificial grass?

Artificial turf and artificial grass, is a surface of synthetic fibers, sometimes called synthetic turf that are put together, and made to look like natural grass. Essentially, it is fake grass used in landscaping to look like natural grass, and looks like green grass.

Where can artificial turf be installed?

Artificial turf can be installed anywhere that you would find natural grass, in landscaping,  and in places where putting in a natural lawn would be impractical. These spaces include:

  • Front and back lawns
  • Roof tops
  • Sports fields
  • Putting greens
  • Around above, or in ground, swimming pools
  • Outdoor entertainment areas

Types of artificial turf

Nylon artificial turf

Nylon artificial turf is the most durable and long lasting of the three materials that artificial turf is typically made with. It is the stiffest of the materials, and is good for high traffic areas. It is also one of the most expensive artificial turf that you can buy.

Polyethylene artificial turf

This turf has the most realistic texture and feel out of all the option for artificial turf. While it is not as durable as nylon artificial turf, it is extremely soft to walk on, making it a good option for children to play on.

Polypropylene artificial turf

This is the least expensive of all the turf options, and the least durable. It cannot stand up to foot traffic, and is best used in small areas that will not see a lot of use.

What are the pros of artificial turf?

  • Mostly maintenance free (No need to mow, water, aerate or fertilize)
  • Gives you the look of a green lawn all year round, regardless of the weather
  • Long lasting life span (A high quality artificial turf that is well maintained can last 20 years or more)
  • Allergy free (anyone allergic to grass pollen will benefit from artificial turf)
  • Pet friendly, Artificial grass can be used for dogs to play and go to the bathroom on just like natural grass

What are the cons of artificial turf?

  • In hot weather can get too hot for use (Because it is plastic, it heats up in the sun)
  • Not at comfortable as real grass
  • Not eco-friendly (the way artificial turf is made has a negative impact on the environment)

Maintenance and cleaning of artificial turf

While artificial turf is low maintenance, there are still some basic cleaning steps that should be done to prolong the life of your artificial lawn.

Any stains or spills on the artificial turf should be cleaned up as soon as they happen, and can be cleaned up by using a mild household detergent. The lawn can be hosed every once in a while, to wash away any accumulated debris and dirty, and can be raked with a non-mental, soft rake to preserve the lift of the grass fibres.

While artificial turf is a great option for anyone looking for a nice lawn without the hassle of doing weekly maintenance, not all artificial turf is created the same. Make sure you are having a quality material installed in your yard, so that you can enjoy the perks of having an artificial lawn for many years.