what are the excavation capabilities of back40landscaping?

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What is excavation?

Excavation is the process of digging, moving, and spreading material. Usually this material is soil/dirt, but it also includes gravel for parking lots, river rock for low maintenance flower beds, and any other type of material that needs to be moved from one spot to another, and placed.

For the purposes of this article, we will define excavation as by hand, mini excavation, and full-scale excavation.

Back 40 Landscaping does very little Hand and Full-scale excavation. Our specialty is considered mini excavation, and we are fully set up to excel in this field, if there is 39” of access!


The main challenge we are solving is moving a substantial amount of soil from residential backyards. These yards have narrow access, and involve too much soil to be moved by hand in a wheelbarrow. Just as problematic is that a full-size excavator has no access.

Our smallest excavator is only 39” wide, and can dig to a depth of 6’. This little workhorse can dig the soil, and saves a lot of labor and backpain.

Once the soil is excavated it’s moved to the front yard via our Wacker Neuson DT10 Track dumpers. These machines carry the equivalent of 6-8 wheelbarrow loads, and have no problem working all day going up or downhill.

We use our Deere 325G Compact track loader to load our company own truck and trailer, or contracted dump trucks. If there is no access to the backyard, then the track dumpers will bring the material to the roadway to be loaded.


Our track loader moves a lot of material if there is open access to work. We have installed many large gravel parking areas where we moved 1000-3000 cubic yards of soil and gravel.

Gravel Parking Area From start to finish 

Large lawn reclamation 

While we mostly do residential work, we do take on projects of all kinds that utilize our equipment. If you’re looking to move material from one place to another, consider giving us a call!

Residential landscaping projects we routinely do are:

Allan Block retaining walls: small, medium and large

Paver patios, sidewalk, and driveways

Drainage for homes and yards

Lawn regrading, soil replacement for growing better grass

Low maintenance River rock and Mulch front yards

Large Mulch projects for acreages

Concrete breaking, hauling, and disposal

Gravel driveway and parking area renovation

New gravel driveways and parking areas

Small building demolition, hauling, and disposal

Land mowing, clearing, and reclamation

Trucking and disposal of difficult to access and move material