Fire pits for your outdoor space

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Outdoor Fire pits add not only a sense of comfort and ambiance to your outdoor living space, but allow homeowners to use their outdoor space during all types of weather, and throughout different seasons. Whether its summer and you are having a fire after a day at the lake, or its winter and you are relaxing with a mug of hot chocolate, fire pits are a great addition for any outdoor space, no matter how big or small your space is.

One aspect that is so wonderful about adding a fire pit to your outdoor space, is that it brings friends and families together, and allows everyone to take a break from the stress of the outside world, if only for an hour or two.

Make the most out of your outdoor space

Placement of your fire pit

Place your fire pit so that it is in a spot that feels like its own separate area in your outdoor space. If you have a tv outside, make sure your fire pit area still allows you and your guests to watch tv, or be able to listen to music.

If you are wanting to use your fire pit when it rains or snows, it is a good idea to put the fire pit under a roof structure so that your guests can stay dry while relaxing around the fire.



The look of your fire pit

There are so many different options when it comes to the look and size of your fire pit. Try to match the look of our landscape. Go for large stones and a paver fire pit for a contemporary look that matches the hardscape in your outdoor space, or have a fire bowl to add to a rustic scenery.

Choose comfortable seating

Lounging by the fire is a time to sit back and truly relax. If your chairs are hard and uncomfortable to sit on, it can make the experience less relaxing. Choose cozy chairs, pillows, or even benches or couches to go around the fire pit. Don’t forget to add a blanket to add even more coziness, and a spot for guests to put down their drinks.

Add extras to your fire pit

Your fire pit does not only need to serve the purpose of keeping guests warm. Adding a table around the pit will not only give it a more aesthetically pleasing look, but will allow a spot for guests to put food and drinks comfortably.

Fire pits are an easy way to add a beautiful feature to your outdoor space, while also providing a relaxing spot to entertain and unwind. They are a fantastic addition to any outdoor living space!