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There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to enjoy your backyard, only to find that it is waterlogged and unusable! Luckily, having a French drain system installed will remedy this, and you will be back to using your yard in no time. There are a lot of ways that drainage systems can be installed in your yard, and lots of different material and methods are used by different contractors. For this review, we will be specifically talking about Baughman tile French drains, as in our opinion, they are the most effective, and the best French drain system that you can get.

How do we know so much about French Drains? We have been French Drain installers for over eight years and we are the only company in the Fraser Valley to use Baughman Tile for our French Drain projects. 

What are French Drains/ How do French Drains work?

Simply put, French Drains are a trench, that have a drainage pipe at the bottom, that is backfilled with rock or soil. The trench’s job is to absorb surface water and subsurface groundwater, and make it disappear to a designated area. Installing French Drains are a great landscaping solution for homeowners having drainage issues, and excess water in their yard.

What is High-Octane Baughman tile drainage pipe?

High-Octane Baughman tile is blue pipe that was purpose built for the clay soil that the Fraser Valley sees, and was designed specifically for French Drain systems. It is extremely flexible, fast to lay in the trench, and has an excellent crush rating. Due to its 8 massive inlets in every valley, open air exchange can dry out the subsoil much faster than any other option of pipe. Baughman tile is the most durable pipe you can get. Because of all of these great features, we believe that this is the only pipe that should be used for a French Drain system. (Read: French drains comparisons).


The quality of French drains built with Baughman tile is like no other. Compared to other products that some contractors use to instal French drains, such as “big o” pipe or pvc, Baughman tile cannot be matched. This blue pipe is more durable than any other pipe, and has an excellent crush rating.  The 8 massive inlets in every valley allow open air exchange. This air exchange dries out the subsoil faster than any other pipe. The faster the subsoil dries, the quicker homeowners will be able to use their space again.

When the weather turns colder, you do not need to worry about Baughman tile warping or cracking due to frost, like other materials. One customers review stated that they had to rip out a French drain that had only been in their yard two years earlier because their yard was still a soggy mess. They put in a new French drain system using Baughman tile, and wish that they had done so in the first place because it is working wonders. Another customer said that this pipe is the most durable pipe they have ever seen, and after taking out crushed black (big o) pipe out of their yard, they are happy they went with a pipe that will not crack or get crushed, and that they trust this pipe.

The Cost of French Drains

While Baughman tile is pricier than buying materials such as “big o” or PVC pipe, you will save more in the long run by installing Baughman over any other material. With Baughman tile you will only need to have the French drain installed once. With other materials you may need to have your system replaced, doubling the price of the job, as the pipes can get clogged with debris, crush and warp. (Read How much does a drainage system cost for more information on this.) A reviewer stated that the cost of Baughman tile is relatively cheap for what you get, because the product does what it is intended to do, and will not need to be replaced. Another says that they paid double what they would have paid for if they would have used Baughman tile first, and that peace of mind is worth every penny.


Baughman tile will last a lifetime if the product is installed correctly. (Read The Best French drain system you can get to see how French Drains should be installed).  PVC and “big o” will last a couple of years, and may need to be replaced due to the drain getting clogged, crushed or warping. A consumer says that he waited three years to review his French drain made with Baughman tile so that he could give it a solid review, and is happy to say that he has had zero water issues since the system has been put in. He says that his neighbour had a French drain installed around the same time as his made with “big o” pipe, and that the system is failing. Needless to say, he is very happy that he chose Baughman tile.


While Baughman tile reviews are glowing, the ease of getting the product is something that consumers find frustrating. If you go into any home renovation store, you will be able to get your hands on PVC and “big o pipe” quite easily due to it being so widely available. Baughman tile is sold online only, and according to one customer, hard to get a hold of since it seems to be out of stock every time he tries to order some. Another customer said that shipping costs were too much, and that they would have to wait to buy the product at a later date when they had more money allotted for the project.


These were the only negative reviews of the product, and the issue was with availability of the product, not the outcome of having the French drain installed. There are contractors who have Baughman tile available for French drain projects, so unless you are trying to do a DIY French drain, you should be able to find someone who does French Drain installations with  Baughman tile.

All of the reviews for Baughman tile, besides the buying limitations, are glowing. Most of the reviewers waited months or years to comment, so they were able to give an accurate review of how Baughman tile stands up to any season and weather.  To get more information on problems with French drains check out,  top 10 problems with French drains.