how to design the best outdoor cooking space

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When winter weather starts to turn into spring weather, one of the first things homeowners look forward to doing is getting their outdoor living space ready for the nicer days ahead. Patio furniture gets brought out, fire pits get set up, and homeowners get ready to start grilling. When you have an outdoor kitchen that is set up properly, it makes grilling and entertaining that much more enjoyable.

Five must haves that all outdoor kitchens should have


This is an obvious one, but when it comes to choosing what grill you want there are so many options it can be extremely overwhelming. Think about how big you want the grill, whether you want propane or not, and if you want your grill to be incorporated into your counter top.


A fridge is an important aspect of any outdoor kitchen. You do not want to have to keep going in and out of your house to grab meat, or drinks for your guests. Having a fridge as part of your outdoor space allows you to save time, and most importantly keep food safe.


When prepping food, whether it be veggies or meat, a countertop allows you to prep all food conveniently, and give you space to put BBQ equipment (think spatulas and thermometers). Some counter space can even double as a place for guests to sit while you cook.



A sink is an integral part to any kitchen, and is really non-negotiable when it comes to having a proper outdoor kitchen. Having a sink outdoors will allow you to wash any produce, fill up pots, and let you easily wash any dishes.


Since having an outdoor kitchen is all about convenance, you want to have all utensils, plates and cooking supplies ready for when you need them. Instead of having to tread back and forth to your indoor kitchen, you can have everything you need waiting for you outside.

Added amenities

After ensuring your outdoor kitchen has the five basics, it’s time to think about any extras your kitchen could benefit from having. These can include a tv, fireplace, lighting, dining table and chairs, and even a pizza oven.

It also helps to be aware of where you want your kitchen located. If you want to be able to use your kitchen all year round and in different types of weather, your kitchen should be located under a roof structure, and easy to get to.

Kitchen design

If you have a modern look for your patio, you may want to think about adding stones that match the look and feel of your patio pavers. Adding a bar top adds to the look of a luxury outdoor living space, and not only provides you with more seating for guests, but allows you to have extra space to put food and drinks when entertaining and cooking.

Whether you have a large outdoor living space, or a small one, every homeowner can enjoy cooking outside, and benefit from making meals and enjoy eating them surrounded by nature.