how to landscape around your pool

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Pools or hot tubs add fun and luxury to your outdoor  space, and truly can change the look and feel of an outdoor living space. While most homeowners think about what their pool is going to look like, they should also consider what the landscaping ( flower beds, retaining walls, garden beds, stone work) and surrounding around their pool is going to resemble.

When choosing what plants to have near the pool, homeowners should consider that some plants will survive better when near water, while others are not meant for that type of environment. Think about plants and trees that will drop pine needles leaves into your pool or hot tub and avoid them!  You want to be able to enjoy your water features, not be annoyed with having to constantly clean leaves and other debris out of the water every day.

What to think about when selecting plants for around your pool?

  • Safety – will a tree come crashing down injuring swimmers? Keep landscaping away from your pool that could be a danger to you and your guests.
  • Ease of maintenance – you want to be able to trim back hedges or weed a garden without the pool getting in the way.
  • Variety- Your pool is meant to be a fun place to be, add a variety of different plants to match that feeling.
  • Color- When floating in your pool, the surrounding area should remind you of a tropical vacation. Bright colored plants with different textures can help do just that.
  • Scent – When lounging in your pool, you want to be able to smell fresh scents that add to the feeling of relaxation. Sweet smelling flowers will do the trick.

Adding succulents

Succulents  are a low maintenance, popular design idea for growing poolside because of their beauty and tropical look. Make sure to choose succulents that do not have thorns or needles, since children will most likely be running in and around the pool area, and can easily get hurt by these plants.

Ornamental grass

Not only are ornamental grasses low maintenance, they can make you feel like you are the beach, and if they get wet will still look great. Because they come in a variety of sizes and colors, they add texture and depth to your garden design space as well.

Tropical plants

What says vacation more than being in your pool surrounded by tropical plants? If you live in a climate that allows, your pool area will instantly feel like a resort by adding tropical plant blends, such as palms, or bird of paradise to the mix.


Add round rock

If you have an above ground pool, adding a ring of round rock around it will instantly make your pool feel more luxurious, and add a nice contrast to the color of your less than appealing pool liner.

When considering your landscape decorating ideas  around your pool, remember to choose a good location for your plants, as you want guests and children to be able to come in and out of the pool without getting injured, or crushing your landscape or garden beds.