Keep using your patio all fall and winter

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Patios are a great place to go to unwind at the end of a hard day, and spend time with friends and loved ones. In the summer time your patio gets used frequently, with BBQs and get togethers, but is it worth spending your hard-earned money on an outdoor living space if you only use it for half of the year?

In the Fraser Valley we get quite a bit of rain and snow, and we find ourselves inside enjoying the warmth of our homes more than we are outside. Having an outdoor living space that works for you and your family not only in the spring and summer months, but fall and winter as well, is possible.

How to enjoy your backyard space all year round?

Keep it warm

One way to utilize your backyard space is to add heat so that even in the snow, you are warm and cozy. Outdoor fire places not only give a rich aesthetic to your space, they help heat up your patio fast, and keep it warm. Another way to make your space cozy and warm is to add heat lamps, or fire pits.

Cover up

If you want to enjoy your outdoor living space in the fall and winter, a roof structure is a must. A roof structure will protect you from the wind, rain and snow, so that you can enjoy a glass or tea or wine, and good company or a book, while utilizing your space.

Throw a get together

Your outdoor kitchen doesn’t need to only get used in the summer time. Throw some steaks on the grill and enjoy some cozy time by the fire with some mulled wine while your dinner cooks. Eating outside with the snow falling around you is a lovely way to enjoy a meal, and guests will be intrigued that you are inviting them over for a BBQ in the winter!

Watch a fall or Christmas movie outside

Summer move nights are a popular tradition, why not start a winter one? Light up the fire, crank the heaters, and cozy up with your family under some blankets. If you do not have a TV outside, set up your lap top, or a projector to watch the movie. If you are feeling brave a good scary movie is even scarier when played outside!

Heat things up

Why not add a hot tub or spa to your outdoor space? Hot tubs are great for soothing muscles after raking leaves or shoveling snow, and can allow you to use your patio during all types of weather. The contrast between the cool air and the warm water is welcoming, and your friends will surely want to be invited over to go for a soak!

Add some décor

Adding décor to any part of your space can transform your space into a cozy, peaceful spot. Lighting adds a nice warmth and ambiance to the area, and in the winter, adding Christmas light will give your patio an extra festive feel. Add garland for some added greenery, and you can even add a Christmas tree.

Installing some curtains will give you protection from the elements, and make your patio look more elegant for the colder months.

You spend your hard earned time and money to have a dream patio, why not enjoy it for more than a couple months a year? These tips and tricks will help you spruce up your space, and basking in your patio all year round.