Low maintenance landscaping ideas

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 Having less of a lawn can equal to less work needing to be done around your outdoor space, and make your landscaping low maintenance. By having garden paths or a patio built, or hardscape like a retaining wall, you will have a surface that is durable and will require no weeding, mowing or watering, and acts as a focal point to your space.


To clean hardscape, it’s as easy as sweeping, blowing, or hosing off the space. Depending on the weather where you live and the traffic your surface gets, you may want to replace joint sand and reseal the pavers every couple of years, but it is not necessary.


Artificial turf


Today’s artificial turf has come a long way, and there are many different varieties that homeowners can choose from for their outdoor space. Artificial turf allows homeowners to get the look and feel of grass, without the hassle of mowing, trimming, watering , fertilizing and seeding that a real lawn needs.



Less is more for flower beds

Instead of crowding in a ton of plants to tend to, add a couple of perennials and one or two small trees, and you will spend less time watering and weeding garden beds. The flower bed will still add color and texture to your yard, without the hours of work.

Update your watering routine

Remembering, or finding the time to water your grass can be tricky.  If you are lucky to have an irrigation system, set up a timer and let it do its thing. If you do not have underground sprinklers, add a timer to your hose bib. This way your grass, flower beds, and garden beds will get the water it needs, without you having to lift a finger.

Low maintenance trees

Having trees in your outdoor space can make you feel in touch with nature, but having to clean up leaves every weekend can be a real pain. Choose shade trees or evergreens for your yard, as they do not re-seed themselves all over the lawn, leaving you with less raking to do. While still being able to have the beauty of your own outdoor oasis. 

Add mulch

An application of mulch supresses weeds, making your lawn easier to care for, cutting down on lawncare, and can enrich the soil and improve its texture. Mulch can spruce up any yard, and looks wonderful around trees and in flower beds and surrounding areas,

Hire it out

If your budget allows, why not hire a lawn care service company to take care of the maintenance for you? Many landscaping services will come once a week and tidy up your property for you. (Maintenance near me).

When your lawncare maintenance takes hours, it can be hard to find the motivation to go outside and complete it. By adding some touches to your yard, you can regain some time for yourself, and actually enjoy being outside in your lawn