Outdoor landscape edging ideas

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Lawn edging or garden edging is an often-overlooked part of a landscape project, but can play an important role in improving your properties curb appeal. It can transform the look of your yard, and is the final touch in beautifying your lawn. Not only does lawn edging make your yard more aesthetically pleasing, it makes your yard easier to mow.

What is lawn edging?

Lawn edging/Landscape edging creates a clear dividing line between your grass and your lawn, flowerbeds, garden beds, or other sections of your yard. It adds a unique touch to your lawn, giving it a natural look,  and can be done in several different ways. (Brick edging, plastic lawn edging, steel edging, stone edging).

What are the benefits of lawn edging?

  • Defines a path or walkway
  • Gives you a cleaner lawn mowing and trimming line
  • Keep mulch where it belongs
  • Shows off flower beds, and plants and acts as a garden border
  • Adapts to straight or curved areas easily


Different types of landscape edging

  • Wood edging 
  • Metal/ steel edging 
  • Plastic lawn edging 
  • Brick edging , stone edging  or concrete
  • Paver edging 

Edging ideas


Lawn edging will help you highlight different areas of your yard, and dress up your landscape. There are no rules when it comes to edging, it really just comes down to your own style, needs, and creativity. Keep in mind that not all of these ideas will fit everyone’s landscape, and may not be practical for your space or the style of your garden.





River stones


River stones look great along walkways and around patios. Using plastic edging and river stones will help your deck stand out from the yard, and make it looks more modern. River stones can even add depth when placed around a pool deck or a porch. They come in a variety of colors that will be able to add the contrast you are looking for, and match the overall look of your home.



Brick border around a flower bed


Flower beds add color and beauty to any yard, and lawn edging tidies up the bed and completes the look. Bricks can highlight a simple flower bed, and draw the eye to the flowers and plants that have been planted inside. Bricks come in many different sizes, and can work for both small and large beds.



Natural logs around a raised flower bed


Old logs can be the perfect solution to edge a flower bed. This natural look works great with rustic homes, and is as easy as lining up the logs in whatever shape you like, filling in the area with mulch, and adding your flowers and plants.


Smooth wood edging


While most raised beds have a retaining wall made out of brick around them, a more natural look is to have large pieces of wood lining the raised flower bed. Not only will this do the job of a retaining wall, but it will be an extra place to sit, and gives your garden a nice clean edge.



Black plastic mulch edging


The most popular type of edging that is used in landscaping is black plastic edging. It is simple, inexpensive, and can be found at most hardware or garden stores. It is easy to lay down, and provides a clean line, drawing the eye to the flowers.






When choosing what materials you want to use to edge your lawn and flower beds, think about what weather your area gets. If you live in a place where there is frequent rain, it may be a good idea to avoid wood, as it can rot and warp in these conditions. On the contrary, if you live in an area that gets direct sunlight, any plastic edging that you have could fade quickly. Any type of edging you choose will add to the beauty of your landscape, and will make it easier for you to maintain your space.