Outdoor living add ons and extras

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If you are wanting to design and build an outdoor living space you need to ask yourself, your friends and your builder what are the available add ons?

While some of the answers you hear won’t apply to you it’s better to make those decisions for yourself.

Outdoor living add ons you should consider



Outdoor living spaces should be either wired or plumbed for heat, either right away, or for an upgrade down the road.


Electrical and Gas are the 2 most common choices, and we suggest having both available in the roof, and down low either on a post, or coming up through the stone.

This will allow you to add a Fire pit or infrared heater should you want to spend a lot of time outside!

Just be sure to size the electrical and gas lines big enough!


BBQ area:

If you do not have a natural gas line on the side of your house, you should have one installed before your Stone floor goes in.

It’s much cleaner to have it buried underground than strapped to the side of your home down the road.


Water cold and hot:

 Adding cold and hot water is definitely a nice to have feature, but understandably this is a little more complicated if you’re adding an Outdoor Living space to an existing home.

However, if it’s a possible option, you may want to seriously consider it, especially if you’re planning on having an outdoor kitchen.

Grade of your patio:

The grade of your patio may not be high on your priority list, but I assure you it should be.

It’s all too commonly overlooked, and if it is it will be your biggest mistake.

What you really need to understand is this.

Most patios are built with a single slope going away from your home. This will cause you problems , because as the water follows this path, it will inevitably run under the covered area and get your Outdoor area rugs wet, as well as your bar stools, and furniture.

Any wood sitting on the patio will get water marked, and damaged.

The slope of your patio has to be away from your house, as well as a dual slope starting under your covered area extending outwards so water will be directed away from your décor.


Outdoor living spaces can be amazing if they meet all your needs. Be sure to think about what add ons you and your family could benefit from!