should a patio have a roof structure

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Should a patio have a roof structure?

Adding a roof structure is almost always a really nice addition. A roof structure not only protects from the hot sun, it can keep a light rain from ruining a great evening.

The simplest of roof structures is probably a large umbrella stand, that covers the majority of you and your guests.

While the nicer options would include a cedar pergola or even a full-on roof structure tied into your homes roof line.

Roof coverings really help to keep the heat from a fire in, and provide a great overhead place to hand Edison bulb light strands.

It also helps to create a more intimate, cozy feel late into the night.


If you’re thinking about if you should have a roof structure, ask yourself this.

Do I want protect from the sun and rain?

Do I have the space and budget to have this included in a patio build?

It’s a personal choice if you want a patio roof structure, but from our perspective most people do!