Paver options for patio’s, driveways, Walkways and paths

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                  Paver options

If we haven’t met before allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Back 40 Landscaping and our expertise is in pavers, retaining walls and hardscaping. 


Click on the paver options below to see more information about each paver. These options are readily available as of April 2022. 

Tier 1 

Villa stone Paver in Granite (Also available in Sandalwood and Harvest)
Classic standard Paver charcoal (Also available in Natural and Shadow)
Estate stone Paver in Granite (Also available in Charcoal and La Jolla)
Barman broadway charcoal 12x6
Barkman Broadway Paver in Charcoal (Also available in Natural,Ash and Sterling)
New Stone Dorado Paver (Available in Charcoal, Natural grey, Sierra Beige and Winter sky)
New stone standard Paver (Available in Charcoal,Natural grey and Northern Shadow)



Tier 2 

Flagstone charcoal
Flagstone Paver in Charcoal (Also available in Granite, Copper Canyon and Sandalwood))
Barkman verano sierra grey
Barkman Verano Paver in Sierra Grey (Also available in Charcoal)
Barkman roman paver charcoal
Barkman Roman Paver in Charcoal (Also available in Sierra Grey,Desert Buff and Antique Brown)
Basalite Wood Paver (Available in Teakwood and Redwood and Driftwood))
Belgard Holland Stone Paver in Charcoal (Also available in Grey, Red, Victorian and Rustic)
New Stone Coastal Slate Paver (Available in Winter sky, Birchwood and Galaxy)
New Stone Urban Paver (Available in Natural Grey, Charcoal, Winter Sky and Sierra Beige)



Tier 3 

Belgard River Rock Paver in Mountain Ash (Also available in Tofino Grey,Charcoal and Victorian)
Belgard Moduline Paver in Grey (Also available in Charcoal, Victorian and Rustic)
Techo-Bloc Industria Smooth Paver (Available in Shale Grey, Chesnut Brown, Beige Cream Onyx Black and Greyed Nickel)
Picture1 copy
Techo-Bloc Blu 80 Smooth Paver (Available in Shale Grey,Onyx Black, Chocolate Brown, Champlaign grey, Chesnut Brown and Greyed Nickel)
Techo-Bloc Eva Paver ( Available in Champlain Grey, ChesnutBrown, Champlaign Grey and Shale Grey)
Techo-Bloc Mista Paver (Available in Shale Grey, Sandlewood, Champlaign Grey and Chesnut)