Prepare your patio for winter

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While you can still enjoy your patio during the winter , it is understandable that some homeowners want to put an end to patio season, and tidy up their outdoor dining space, even if they have a covered patio, so that they can stay cozy and warm in their homes during the winter weather. By preparing your patio for the harsh weather, you can keep your space safe, and have an easier transition into spring time.


Remove your patio furniture from your outdoor space 

When winter is around the corner ( especially if you are Canadian), one of the first things you can do to prep your patio is remove your furniture. Even if you have a covered patio, snow drifts and wind can get furniture and fire pits wet. Clear away all tables and chairs, and wipe them down before storing them away. If you do not have a garage or a shed that your furniture can go in, you can get covers that will protect your things from rain and snow, or you can even use garbage bags.

Don’t forget about the décor on your outdoor patio! Candles, lanterns or any other decorative items should be brought inside to prevent the weather from harming them. Remove any curtains or pergola coverings, as they can get torn from the wind, and tie anything down that is a permanent patio fixture if possible. While fire pits and heaters cannot necessarily be moved, they can be covered to protect them from the harsh weather. 

Flower pots

Clear out any flower pots, or hanging baskets that you have on your patio. Put any plants that you want to keep for the next patio season inside, or in a warmer greenhouse environment. If you want to still enjoy the look of plants on your patio, you can get plants that are winter friendly that will last in the cold weather.

Clean your BBQ or grill

This is one step that seems to be forgotten about when tidying up for winter, and can be a pain when you want to use your BBQ next year. Scrub everything down with soap and water, and if you have a gas grill remember to shut off the gas lines. Prepping this now will save you a lot of time when you are ready to start grilling when the warmer weather hits. Again, even if you have a covered patio, you will still want to tidy up as best you can. 

Clean your patio

Sweep or wash off all dirt and debris from your patio and walkways, to prevent any stains from leaves. When the Canadian winter weather and  snow arrives, try to clear your patio before the snow takes over.

Clean your gutters

If you have a covered patio, make sure to clean any debris, such as leaves and pinecones, out of gutters. The best time to clean gutters is before the weather turns.

Drain outside water features

Ensure that all water features (hot tubs, water fountains and waterfalls) are properly drained and treated to prevent freezing in water lines. If you have an outdoor kitchen, clean out the fridge and unplug and drain the waterlines to the sink and icemaker. By preventing freezing in the lines, your water features and appliances will be in perfect working condition next year.

Remember to do these steps in the fall when the weather is still fairly nice, especially if you plan to wash your furniture outside. Doing these steps will allow homeowners a quick and easy hassle free set up when spring rolls around.