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If You are having a retaining wall built, and are unsure of what color to use for your build, there are some things to keep in mind so that you stay happy with your wall down the road.


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The look you are going for

Retaining walls can have a rustic look or can look very high-end. The type of block that is used can reflect this, as well as the color.

Wall blocks that are tan or grey tend to look more commercial, while blocks that are multi colored with different shades look more rustic.

Flowers and plants help with the look you are going for, so keep that in mind when picking out a retaining wall color.

Once other thing to consider is how the block looks when they are dirty.

If you live in a region with lots of wind and dust a darker color may help the blocks look cleaner, while places that rain frequently will give your blocks a darker, wet look.

What the surrounding areas look like

Where is your retaining wall going to be placed, and what is around it? Is it in the back of your yard away from everything, or in your front yard and the focal point of the entire landscape?

A neutral color is perfect for anyone whose retaining wall is placed at the back of their property.

Neutral colors are always in stock, the most popular, and cost less than “specialized” colors.

If your wall is front and centre it can be a bit more difficult to choose what color to use for your build.

Your homes color should be one of the first things you look at when comparing what color you want your retaining wall to be. Are you going to be repainting or residing soon?

If your home is older, a simple block may match it better than something that is extravagant.

Walls that are too “Out there” with their colors that do not match your home make your home look outdated, and lowers curb appeal.

If you have lots of colorful flowers and plants that are going to be placed on or around your retaining wall a solid color helps balance out everything that is going on.

A busy yard will look messy even if you keep it meticulous.



What style is going to last

Done properly, retaining walls last decades. When choosing a retaining wall color consider if the color you are using is going to look timeless.

Colors that are only popular at the time will age your home and could be a big regret down the line, especially if you are planning on eventually selling your home.


How long your retaining wall is

If you retaining wall is going to be quite large, or terraced, a simple color will look classic and will compliment your home. A wall that is large with bright colors will look overbearing to the surrounding landscape, and take away from the walls natural beauty.


Most popular retaining wall colors



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