Who is a good fit for a retaining wall?

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Who is a good fit for a retaining wall?

Someone who is a good fit for a retaining wall will usually want to retain soil in a near vertical manner to gain more flat usable space, or will want an elevation change for aesthetic focal point purposes.

In both cases there construction is very similar, and will require the client to spend an appropriate amount of money to have a strong long lasting retaining wall built.


Because retaining walls are not as enjoyable as a family vacation, they usually need to solve a very specific problem to gain the priority over relaxation in the sun, or wherever you enjoy going.

Retaining walls offer a solution to sloped unusable land and allow you to enjoy extra yard space.

They also serve a very important role of preventing severe soil erosion.

This can be even as serious as legally being required to contain your soil from eroding into the neighbour’s yard if you are the higher neighbour.

Now if you’re looking for an elevation change, they can be a perfect fit to secure a cozy sunken patio, or a raised garden bed bursting with colorful flowers.

Retaining walls are not a good fit if you don’t really have a problem you want to solve.

For instances most farms have enough land so they can utilize a gradual slope to make the grade change.

Others use large gravel rocks to prevent the erosion on a bank or hillside.

While there are many reasons you may or may not be a good fit the choice is ultimately up to you.

Do you have a need or desire to retain soil in a near vertical manner?

Can you benefit from having increased flat usable land?

Do you want to look at a focal point that is raised above or sunken into the ground?

Only you and or a landscape designer can answer these questions!