Does my patio need to be sloped?

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When you think about a patio being sloped, you may be picturing a drastic change from one end of the patio to the other. 

A good contractor will be able to direct the water where it needs to go, while keeping the aesthetics of the space. 

The slope will hardly be visible, and when walking on it it will not feel sloped. 

Should my patio be sloped?

Every patio should be at least sloped away from your home.

The better patios are actually dual sloped. This means that while the water is directed away from your house, its also directed away from undercover furniture, or anything else you want to keep dry.

When we build patios, we use steel screed rods. These rods are set off of a laser, that is perfectly accurate.

There is no operator error this way, and what’s left is a perfectly uniformly sloped patio that when you walk on feels great.







Being sloped uniformly helps to ensure your furniture doesn’t rock or wobble. You get no standing water, and after a rain event the patio dries out fairly quickly.