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Normally when thinking about the curb appeal of our home we think about what our house, and our landscape looks like. But, the first thing people actually see when they pull up to someone’s house is their driveway. While we normally wouldn’t think of a gravel driveway as being beautiful, there are actually lots of different things that homeowners can do to make their gravel driveway look more appealing.

If we haven’t met before allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Back 40 Landscaping and our expertise is in retaining walls and hardscaping. We also like to bring education to those looking for gravel solutions.

Match the color of your gravel with the color of your home

A lighter colored gravel driveway next to a white house looks very sharp, and the colors of the grass and flowers around them will pop. In contrast, if you have a darker color house, a darker  gravel is going to look stunning, and add depth to your driveway.

Border a long driveway with a split rail fence

What is more gorgeous than a long driveway in the country that is bordered by a split rail fence? The more rustic the fence, the better. This fencing, combined with the gravel, delivers a athletically pleasing scenery to anyone driving by.

Create a formal entrance for your driveway

A dual stone wall can be built to frame the entrance to your drive, adding an elegant feeling to your property and home. It looks welcoming, and is a unique touch to any home.

Edge your driveway with plants

Adding a row of low growing flowers and plants can turn a boring gravel driveway into something magnificent. The pops of color from the flowers will draw the eye away from the gravel, and the plants do an excellent job of outlining the driveway.

Add a cement border

Adding a cement border to your gravel driveway will divide the gravel from the grass, keep gravel from spilling into the grass, and prevent the grass from growing into your driveway. The fact like it adds a unique beauty to your driveway is an added bonus.

Line your driveway with trees

There is something about driving up a long gravel driveway lined with trees, that is truly mesmerizing. An advantage of having the trees lining a gravel driveway instead of a concrete one, is that if the tree roots happen to make their way over to the driveway, it will not crack.  Although trees do take a while to get to a large size, any type of tree that lines the driveway will add a unique touch.


Massive boulders strategically put in place to line the gravel driveway act as both a retaining wall for a higher-level yard, and as a border for a gravel driveway. Large machines will need to be brought in to do this job, but will be worth it for the stunning end result.

Pave the front entrance to your gravel driveway

While this suggestion may sound weird, pavers can create a neat border between a gravel driveway and the paved road. Another bonus to this idea is that the pavers will catch any gravel that may want to go on the road, keeping the front of your driveway looking nice and tidy.

As you can see, gravel driveways do not need to be done with the same old boring color and gravel design. Any of these ideas to spruce up your gravel driveway will enhance your curb appeal.