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After brewing your morning coffee, you step out onto your outdoor  patio, and watch the sunrise. There is a faint smell of the fire you had in your new fire pit last night in the air, and you recall what a fun night it was with your friends. You look forward to coming home after work today and BBQ some steaks for date night, and relaxing over a good bottle of wine. You have really enjoyed this summer spent on the outdoor patio, and are looking forward to more fires in your fire pit, and dinners, in the fall where you can enjoy the heated patio, thanks to the heater you are planning on buying. 


Do you feel this way when you go out on to your patio? Or is this setting just a dream you have for the future that doesn’t seem attainable?

It takes a lot of hard work and sacrifices to save up for that “holy grail” new patio that seems far out of reach, but it is beyond worth it when you step out onto your new patio for the first time. Grand patios are an investment, but can turn your property from mundane to breathtaking. These types of spaces can be built for everyone, it might just take some of us longer than others to achieve it, and there is nothing wrong with that!

While you can choose from many different designs and additions for your patio space ( like adding heaters, fireplaces, or a covered patio),  there are some things that you cannot afford to skip while doing a patio renovation or build. These things are crucial for having an outdoor patio that is enjoyable, and functions well. Be sure that your contractor does these critical steps so that you can have the best experience possible during your build.


  • Patio is laser levelled so water runs away from furniture, and patio rugs
  • Stairs and steps properly graded to avoid injury, and an uneven look
  • Sample pavers to choose from (these make a huge difference in patio aesthetic)
  • Efflorescence (whiteish material) removed from pavers
  • Pavers sealed to protect your patio

What goes into the best patio build?

A patio that is unlike any other has extras that make the outdoor space go from a typical patio to an extraordinary one. Before the patio is built, the contractor figures out what extra things you want added, and you, the homeowner, should have a rough design idea to get you the space you desire. Think about adding a pergola or a space for fine dining under a covered patio. 

Outdoor Kitchen area

The area that gets the most traffic at any party or family dinner is the kitchen and dining room. It is a space to come and cook together, laugh, and share your day. You and your contractor should come up with a plan on how you want your kitchen to function, and what its purpose is. For a kitchen that will really impress, lots of counter space is a must, and a sink to wash up dishes, or fill up pots, helps the process of cooking go smoother. Gone are the days of going in and out of your house to grab utensils or condiments, just grab them from your outdoor fridge and cupboards, and get to cooking!  Everything you need is in one space and readily available for whatever, and whenever you want to cook. Patio seasons will be elevated if your patio is designed for outdoor dining! 

Outdoor Dining area

When you are ready to eat, move over to your dining area that can fit your entire family and more. The center piece lighting over the table creates a warm glow, and the bar top that is nearby acts as a buffet table. Your guests will have ample room to move about without feeling squished, and if you need to grab something from the outdoor kitchen you can do so freely without disrupting your guests.

Outdoor Lounge area

After dinner is done, you can relax with a drink and good conversation, whether you prefer to relax on a comfy couch, or chair. A fire pit in the middle of the area creates ambiance and warmth. The covered area is a must, as after dinner it starts to sprinkle a little bit, and your guests can still enjoy the fresh night air while being comfortable and dry. The roaring fire allows your guests to stay as long as they want to as the warm summer evening turns into a chilly summer night. Music flows through speakers, and a fountain at the end of the patio adds a calming effect.

When it is time for you to design your patio, reflect on how you felt when reading about the best patio above . Nothing can beat those feelings of relaxation, comfort and warmth. If your patio does not do this for you, it is probably time to upgrade.

Patios are more than just some pavers being placed in your backyard, and slapping a table and chairs down.  The more you add to your space, the more you will be able to enjoy and benefit from using the space.

Add on’s that make your patio go from nice, to spectacular:

  • WIFI, T.V, and surround sound
  • Cameras for added security and peace of mind
  • Natural gas fire place or wood fire pit
  • Rough timber rough structure
  • Chandeliers, and lighting
  • BBQ’s, kitchen sink, counter tops, stove,
  • Couches, chairs
  • Fountains and waterfalls
  • Plants, flower baskets
  • Wine barrels made into side tables, or planter boxes
  • Sun tanning area with loungers
  • A hot tub


While all of these add on’s really take your patio to the next level, don’t forget to add simple touches. By adding simple touches, such as a change in a “typical” paver, your patio will stand out.

Typical economy pavers that are commonly used:


These pavers are classic, and look nice, they just don’t give your patio a “wow” factor.

Flagstone (about 3x the price of regular pavers) make a big difference in the elegance of the patio, making the space look richer and more luxurious.

By making a small tweak, like what pavers to use, your space can go from a typical patio space, to awe-inspiring.

By inviting the indoors outside you can enjoy your space all year round, and have a patio that makes you want to stay home, and friends and family can’t wait to enjoy with you.

Think you are ready to jump in and finally get the space you want and deserve? Here is how much does a paver patio cost?