Use your outdoor space in the winter

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Use your outdoor space in the Winter

When the days get shorter and colder, many of us look for the comfort of the indoors. You spent a lot of time on perfecting your outdoor living space, why not enjoy it all year round?

You can turn your outdoor living space into a winter wonderland with these simple ideas, and enjoy the season in both your outdoor and indoor spaces.

Add winter décor

The quickest way to make your outdoor living space feel festive is to add small touches of winter décor. Greenery, such as garland or wreathes add color to your space, and you can add pinecones, ribbons, or berries to give it a true holiday feel.


Patio heaters

Making your outdoor space warm and comfortable will guarantee that you and your family will be able to enjoy the winter weather in comfort. To find your perfect patio heater read patio heaters.


Adding lighting to any space adds an ambiance that cannot be denied. Whether you choose to go for traditional strands of light, or add colored Christmas lights, the warm glow will get you in the holiday mood. Don’t forget to add lights to surrounding trees and your house for an even more illuminated patio!

Add a fire pit

There is something magical about sitting around the fireplace drinking hot cocoa and breathing in the crisp winter air. Add a fire pit to your space, and arrange comfy chairs around it with fluffy pillows and cozy blankets for an even comfier feel.

Think about your Color scheme

When you decorate your home for Christmas, you most likely stick to a theme that compliments your home. This can be done for your patio as well. Before decorating for the holidays outside think about what look you are going for.  Are you going for a rustic look or a modern one? Do you want to stay neutral or incorporate greens, reds, and golds into the mix? Whatever style you are going for, switch out cushions, pillows and blankets to match your theme. Adding a festive rug to your space can have a dramatic effect on how your patio looks, and added touches like small trees, lanterns, and wreathes bring Christmas outdoors.

Candles and lanterns

Every store you go to probably has different shapes and sizes of candles and lanterns, and are fairly inexpensive. Adding candles and lanterns to your outdoor space creates a warm ambiance that really cannot be matched. Lanterns give your space a richer look and feel, and candles not only add light and warmth but smell wonderful.


Your patio can look great, but if your seating areas are not comfortable, people will not want to enjoy time spent outside. If your space allows, a large couch with lots of cushions around a fire is a great seating option when you have a bunch of people over.  Large cushions can be placed on the ground if seating is limited, and gives the space a cozy feel.

Remember, comfort is key when it comes to enjoying your outdoor space with your friends and loved ones. You want your guests to enjoy their time on your patio by feeling comfortable, and adding festive touches can make the holidays feel that much more magical.