What is artificial turf?

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A yard that has lush, green grass can really up your homes curb appeal, and make your outdoor space look inviting, and your lawn look healthy. While we all strive for our yards to look like this, having lush, vibrant looking grass is extremely time consuming. Between mowing your grass every two days, and endless amounts of watering and fertilizing, most people either spend all their free time maintaining their grass, or end up neglecting it. Luckily, there is a way to have great looking grass that is maintenance free, and that is where artificial turf comes in.

What is artificial turf?

Artificial turf, or an artificial lawn, is a surface of synthetic fibres that looks like natural grass. (Typically made out of, nylon, polypropylene or polyethylene that is connected to a backing material). It is very common to see artificial turf being used in playgrounds, and sports fields, since synthetic lawns are   gaining popularity for residential and commercial lawns.

The synthetic grass blades are typically green, and come in different pile heights depending on what homeowners are looking for. The artificial turf is constructed the same way carpets are made, with a solid backing and blades that get machine stitched on. 

Most artificial grass have weaves in a brown thatching that mimics the look of roots and dead grass that you would see in a real lawn, and has made drastic leaps and bounds on how realistic it looks.

Why get artificial turf?

 The main reason homeowners are opting for artificial turf rather than real grass is that artificial turf stands up to heavy use (great for sports), and does not require any watering, mowing, or trimming.

Any areas that do not see a lot of sun benefit from having artificial turf installed, because to have healthy grass grow you need sunlight.

While real grass can die, artificial turf can last for twenty or more years, and once it is installed it stays green. Homeowners do not need to worry about their lawn going brown, looking overgrown, or dying.

What to consider when having artificial turf installed?

When having artificial grass installed, it is in homeowners’ best interest to have a good quality product installed. This will determine how long the artificial turf will last, and what is looks like (older artificial turf looked pretty fake). Make sure that the product has a UV- resistant coating, as this will protect your artificial turf from the sun and keep it looking new, and not fade. If your grass is UV- resistant, your turf color will last for 10-15 years!

Benefits of artificial turf

While nothing beats walking barefoot in your yard, or smelling fresh cut grass, there are lots of benefits to having artificial turf installed in your yard.

  • Low maintenance
  • No need for a lawnmower or other tools
  • No fertilizers or weed killers
  • No more pulling weeds
  • Long lasting
  • Strong and durable
  • Looks perfectly groomed and remains green

If you are looking to have a great lawn without wanting to keep up with any maintenance, or hire someone to look after your grass, artificial turf is a great option for you!