Allan Block Retaining Wall Reviews

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When getting calls about replacing an old retaining wall, we usually hear one of two things. Either the customers wood retaining wall is falling apart due to age or water damage, or their concrete wall is failing. Almost all customers want their wall (whether it is wood retaining wall or concrete wall ) replaced with a wall that will last a long time, and will not break the bank. Since we believe that an Allan Block concrete retaining wall is superior to a  wood retaining wall , our reviews are based on Allan Block concrete only.

At Back 40 Landscaping our expertise is in building Allan Block retaining walls. We are trained and Certified in building Allan Block retaining walls, and have a passion for building retaining walls that actually last. 

The Look of the retaining wall

The finished look of an Allan Block concrete wall is unmatched. The beauty of this product is that there are a variety of materials to use and  many different colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, that you will be able to match your current outdoor space, and  landscaping with ease. Allan Block retaining wall block is naturally attractive, and homeowners  say that they love the natural style of their retaining wall, and that it makes a perfect addition to their outdoor. If you are someone who enjoys relaxing outside at the end of the day, homeowner reviews say that they love to look at their wall while relaxing by a fire, or winding down with a glass of wine. Allan Block will turn your backyard into an expensive looking property, according to one reviewer, and another says that guests will remark on how amazing your wall looks.

The quality of the retaining wall

Allan retaining wall blocks are a manufactured concrete wall product, where every retaining wall block is identical. This product is engineered to last a lifetime, and is backed by scientific research, and evidence. Allan Block retaining wall products will not rot, dissolve, or degrade. When built correctly (read best practices for retaining walls) Allan block wall systems last a lifetime. Homeowners say that their wall has lasted over 20 years and still looks brand new, and that the strength of the wall is just as good as the day it was built. Many reviewers have had to replace existing wood retaining walls, or DIY concrete walls, and say that they wish they had invested in an Allan Block concrete wall years ago. The retaining wall blocks are durable and resistant to weathering according to one reviewer, and they state that the peace of mind this product gives is unmatched.

How much do concrete retaining walls cost?

Surprisingly, wood is only slightly cheaper than Allan Block concrete , and if you compare how long wood lasts compared to concrete (concrete lasts a lifetime, while wood walls last 10+ years) then Allan Block walls are cheaper in the long run. If you have to replace a wall every 5-10 years, you will end up spending double or triple what you would be spending on a concrete wall. Allan Block retaining walls also add value to your home. One reviewer said that their home sold quickly due to their hardscape in their backyard, and the new owners said that their Allan Block retaining wall sold them on the backyard. This is because they knew that the wall would last, and is a wonderful focal point. Another review states that when moving into a new home with a wood wall, the owners replaced it immediately with a wall that they knew would be structurally sound, and so that they had piece of mind that their wall would not fail. Along with not wanting the wall to fail, the new owners think that Allan Block walls are more modern, and appear richer in color and texture than other wall materials.

Are retaining walls environmentally friendly?

Allan Block  is an environmentally conscious company that strives to be a leader in the future of green building products. Building with more environmentally friendly products will reduce the negative impact we have on the world we live in. Customer reviews state that unlike treated wood retaining walls, Allan Block concrete retaining wall block has no toxic chemicals to harm the earth, and that is why they chose to use this product. Another review says that because Allan Block retaining walls last longer than wood retaining walls, there is less impact on the environment when building the wall, due to only having to use machines and materials once while building.

Negative Reviews for Allan Block retaining walls

Though scarce, there are some customers who gave Allan Block a negative review. The consensus for these negative reviews is that the material looks too manufactured, and that the brick looks dull. The consumer who commented on the retaining wall blocks  looking dull did admit that they had never cleaned their brick after having their wall installed for over three years. Another negative is that if your house is older, Allan Block walls may age your house, since the brick looks very modern, and was not used decades ago when older homes were built.

Overall, Allan Block retaining wall products got rave reviews across the board, and consumers would recommend that when getting a wall built, would choose Allan Block again. Using a material that is not only beautiful but functional like Allan Block will allow you to enjoy your wall for years to come, as Allan block promises to be durable, naturally attractive, and a reliable wall system that you will not regret going with.

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