your successful yard drainage project

Having drainage installed in your yard, and choosing the contractor who is installing it, can be intimidating.  As professional drainage installers that see yard drains constantly failing, we want to help you with your buying process so that you get the best service possible, and know that your money was well spent on your project. […]

How can I get my yard to dry out faster?

A very general timeframe is 12-36 hours after a heavy rain event you can expect your yard to be free from pooling water. Factors that impact how fast your yard will dry How Does The Water Get From The Surface Of The Yard Into The Drainage Pipe? How surface water gets into your French Drain […]

Can you add a drainage system after your home is built?

Surprisingly, many older homes in the Fraser Valley do not have any type of drainage system in their yards, or around the perimeter of their home. Because of this, construction may have to be done with the home and landscaping already in place. When a home is already built it can be a lot harder […]

What should a good drainage system have?

Drainage systems are essential in keeping water away from your home and your homes foundation, and to maintain the structural integrity of your home. Another reason having a drainage system is important is that it will protect your landscape, and allow you to use your backyard. In the Fraser Valley drainage systems are especially  important […]

Does my drainage system need a pump?


  There are many different types of drainage systems that can be installed in your yard to help alleviate yard water issues. All drainage systems need a place for yard water to end up, whether that be a sump pump, storm drain or a ditch. Whether or not your system needs a pump depends on […]

5 Main lawn drainage solutions


There is nothing better on a summer morning than looking out at the sun glistening on the lawn, and taking in nature. Whether you are planning a family dinner outside, or just relaxing after work while the kids play in the yard, your home is special to you. You are proud to have an outdoor […]

Perimeter Drain Cost


While the thought of having a perimeter drain installed is not as exciting as having a patio put in, if you are a homeowner without one, you should be thrilled at the prospect of having one put in, as they are essential to keeping water away from your house.  If we haven’t met before allow […]

What is a perimeter drain?


What is a perimeter drain? A perimeter drain can prevent the headache and worry of how safe your crawlspace or basement is during a rain storm, and truly give you peace of mind that your house and belongings are secure. If your system is not working properly, or worse, you do not have a system, […]

Perimeter Drain System Problems

Perimeter drains can protect your home from water damage, and keep your basement and belongings safe and secure. They give homeowners peace of mind, especially when there is a big rainfall or snowstorm but, perimeter drains do come without their own set of problems. What is a perimeter drain? A perimeter drain or exterior drain […]