How to budget for your French Drain installation

When starting most landscaping projects, or getting a quote, customers normally tell contractors what they are looking to get done, and the contractor gives them a price for that job. You might be surprised to find out that for a French Drain installation, it is more beneficial for the homeowner to let the contractor know […]

How to set your expectations for your French Drain system

When thinking about what your budget is going to be for a drainage system, you might be surprised that your expectations set what kind of system you get, and sets what your budget should be. French drain systems are a great way to make your unusable yard usable again, but not all systems are created […]

French Drain Reviews

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to enjoy your backyard, only to find that it is waterlogged and unusable! Luckily, having a French drain system installed will remedy this, and you will be back to using your yard in no time. There are a lot of ways that drainage can be installed in your […]

French Drain Comparisons

Backfilling With Soil (Clay) vs. Round Rock French drains are a great solution for a water-logged backyard. Many different materials and methods are used when installing a French drain system. With numerous different combinations of methods, and materials that can be installed, it can be tough to know which system you should have installed. So, what are french drains? […]

The Best French Drain System You Can Get

When choosing what materials, combinations and layout of a French Drainage system you can put in, there are endless choices and possibilities. Today we are going to walk you through the best French Drain system you can get, and show you why it is the most effective system you can have installed. Read more to […]

How much do French drains cost?

During the spring months, as the weather starts to warm up and you want to start enjoying your backyard, you may be getting flashbacks of what your yard looked like in the fall and winter. You are most likely remembering that your space is unusable due to your yard being wet and muddy from accumulated […]

Got Excessive Yard Water? Here’s the Top Ten French Drain Problems

Installing a French drain can be a great landscaping solution for you if your backyard is wet, and unusable. That being said, there are many problems that can arise while thinking about putting in a French drain system, and having one installed. Here are some of the top 10 problems with French drains: #1. Backfilling […]