Common landscape problems

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Having a lush and beautiful landscape around your home ups its curb appeal, can make your home look fresh and bright, and is a lovely sight for homeowners to look out at as they enjoy their morning coffee. Unfortunately, almost every landscape and outdoor living space has an area that is tricky, and requires some problem solving to fix.

Landscape problems

Hills and soil erosion

Hilly areas can cause soil erosion and disrupt its surrounding areas such as garden beds. Soil erosion is the displacement of soil, and is a form of soil degradation. It is a natural process that can be caused by water, ice, snow, air, plants, and animals and humans. Soil erosion can easily be fixed by having a hardscape  retaining wall installed. 


If your lawn sees a lot of sun throughout the day it could be hurting your grass, flowers and your plants. Plant drought-tolerant perennials that will be able to withstand the sun for an easy fix to this problem. Another great option for areas that get a lot of sun is to add a rock garden, so that your outdoor space still looks beautiful, but does not need to constantly be watered. For grassy areas, consider a landscape design with artificial turf.

Lack of privacy

You most likely bought your home with the intent of being able to relax in our outdoor space, but if your yard space is close to your neighbours, you may feel like hiding inside away from prying eyes. To regain back your space, consider adding trees or hedges to the surrounding area of  your property. If you would rather not maintain any trees or hedges, add a pergola or privacy screen to your patio that is low-maintenance. 

Problems with drainage

If your yard does not have sufficient drainage , your outdoor space  can turn into an unusable muddy mess. Even worse, is that if a wet yard is not fixed, you risk having your home and surrounding areas  damaged. French drains, or a perimeter drain will be able to get your yard dry depending on what and where the water issue is. Once installed, you will be able to enjoy your landscape  again in no time.



Just like you do not want to have too much sun in an area of your yard, you do not want to have too much shade. Plants need sunlight to grow, however, you can find many shade loving plants that will be able to thrive in areas of your yard that don’t see a lot of sun, and adding flower beds to your garden design are a low-maintenance idea to give your space a makeover. 


High maintenance landscape

If you have a yard that is cluttered with lots of plants, shrubs, and trees, it can get overwhelming. These softscape materials need to be watered, trimmed, cut and weeded to continue to thrive, and look good in your yard. One way to fix this issue is to incorporate more hardscape materials into your area. By adding walkways, rock gardens, and pavers, you will be able to cut down the amount of maintenance that is needed to maintain your yard, while still benefiting from a gorgeous outdoor living area.

 All of these landscape problems can easily be fixed by adding little touches  here and there to create a breathtaking landscape, without any hassle.