Fall landscaping ideas for your outdoor space

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Who doesn’t love the feel of fall? The fresh smell of the crisp air, the leaves changing colors, and the slight chill in the air. While some people start to get their outdoor spaces prepped for winter in the fall months, you can still enjoy your outdoor space a little longer if you choose.

Add Heat

One way to be able to enjoy time spent outside in the fall is to make your patio cozy and inviting. This can be done by adding warmth to your space. Heaters allow your space to be warm quite quickly, and keep it warm for a long time. Heaters can be found at home hardware stores , and range from small too big. You can definitely find a heater that will match your décor, and budget with little problem.

Another way to add heat, is to have a fire. Not only does a fire add to the ambiance of the fall season, but it can have you enjoying the outdoors while feeling comfortable and content. Add some comfy pillows and cozy blanket to the mix, and you will be toasty warm while enjoying your outdoor space.

Add Pumpkins To Your Flower Beds

Pumpkins are a great way to decorate your yard for fall. Whether you get them from the pumpkin patch or the grocery store, pumpkins are an inexpensive way to add décor, and that extra touch, to your flower beds and garden areas. If you are worried about the pumpkins rotting, you can even use fake pumpkins that will look real from afar.

Decorate Your Porch

If you are lucky to have a porch that you can decorate, get it ready for fall! Pumpkins, a fall welcome sign, lanterns, and even some leaves, are all you need to make your front yard pop for fall. The fall colors from your décor will draw out the natural beauty of your landscape, and bring out the reds, yellows and browns from the changing leaves on the trees, really making your front porch inviting.


Transform Your Patio

We decorate our patios for the summer with hammocks, potted plants and comfy seating, but what about sprucing it up for fall? You can change the look of your patio to match the season that you are in.  Add some yellow and red potted flowers for a pop of autumn color, and of course, don’t forget to add some pumpkins! If you want to go all out, your patio can be transformed by adding a couple of haybales and scarecrows!

Add New Mulch To Your Flower Beds And Around Trees

Fall is a time where everyone seems to get back on track with their goals after summer, and start fresh. A great way to get ready for your fall landscaping is to add fresh mulch around trees and your flower beds. The contrast of the new mulch and the color of your plants and flowers can really give your yard a facelift.

Don’t Forget Lights

Lighting can transform any space into something magical. Add string lights, or lanterns to your outdoor space to create an inviting warm glow to your yard.  You can add lights to fall wreaths, or lanterns on steps around your property for an added touch.

Whatever ideas you choose to incorporate this fall, you can prolong your time spent outside with friends and family by adding warmth and beauty to your landscape, without taking a ton of time or spending a ton of money.