How much does an outdoor living space cost?

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Having the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family will allow you to gain precious memories spent playing outside, having BBQs, and telling stories around the fire. Not only that, but having a useable space outdoors will add to the value of your home.

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What do outdoor living spaces cost?

Outdoor living space start at $20,000 +

Before diving into what a low, average, and high-end outdoor living space costs, let’s talk about what an outdoor living space IS.

An outdoor living space can be anything you want it to be! The most typical outdoor living space has:

  • A patio (made out of wood or brick)
  • Wood accents (pergola, roof structure)
  • Greenery and/or flowers


For each homeowner, the wants and needs of their patio will different. Some homeowners want an outdoor space that is great for entertaining, while others want it for relaxing. Your contractor can build you a space that is ideal for your lifestyle and wants and fits your budget. You can get inspiration for your outdoor living space from magazines, and Pinterest, or hire a designer to help your vision come to life. (Check out best landscapers in the Fraser Valley). Most of us tend to think that an outdoor living space is something that is attached to our home, but it can be anywhere on your property that makes sense to you and the layout of your outdoor space.

Outdoor living space prices

Low $20,000+

What is included:

20’x14’ paver patio
Cedar privacy lattice
Fire pit
Flower bed

Best suited for:

This outdoor living space is a great spot to relax after work and on weekends. The cedar lattice allows you all the privacy homeowners crave, and the small fire pit is a great place to sit and sip on a glass of wine while the sun goes does down.

Average $30,000+

What is included:

20’x14’ paver patio
Fire pit
Flower beds

Best suited for:

This type of space is best suited for a couple that likes to have friends over for entertaining every once in a while, and enjoy sitting outside with their morning tea or coffee, basking in the landscape before heading to work.

High end $76,000+

What is included:

30’x35’ paver patio
10’x10’ cedar roof
Fire place
Patio lighting
Water feature

Best suited for:

This type of space is best suited for anyone wanting a complete backyard transformation, and that loves entertaining. The cedar roof structure will allow the patio to be used all year round, in all types of weather, while the fire place gives the patio warmth in the colder months. A water feature brings everything together, and brings a peaceful calm to the backyard.

What really turns your backyard into an outdoor living space?

The beauty of designing an outdoor living space is that you can add whatever you want to it. Keeping your budget, size of your space, and needs in mind, there are tons of extras you can add to your outdoor living space.


  • Natural gas hookup
  • Large fire pits
  • Waterfalls
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Bar area
  • Chandeliers
  • Sidewalk
  • Hot tub
  • Pool area
  • Tanning area
  • TV
  • Speakers
  • WIFI
  • Built-in heaters


Whatever look you are going for, you can incorporate your own ideas and wants into the design of your outdoor space. Think about what best suits your lifestyle, and how you want your space to be used. Remember to have open communication with your contractor, and express your dream and ideal outcome for your outdoor living space.