How to blend your indoor and outdoor living spaces

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Natasha Maerz

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Who doesn’t love being able to enjoy their outdoor space just as much as their indoor space? Nowadays, homeowners are spending more and more time outside, and instead of thinking as their yards and outdoors as just a “backyard”, people are considering this space as part of their living space. With additions like kitchens, fire places, lighting and comfortable furniture to outdoor spaces, it is no wonder homeowners are wanting to spend the majority of their time outdoors.

To make your outdoors more appealing, there are many things that homeowners who are looking to blend both indoor and outdoor living space together can do to create a more “seamless” look.

To start, look at how your indoor space is designed and see how your outdoor space correlates with your home, both functionally and aesthetically. You want the flow of both your outdoor and indoor living space to feel the same. This does not mean that it needs to be the same layout necessarily, but the flow of your indoor living space should have the same feel as your outdoor living space. An example of this could be that when you walk into your home you have your kitchen and then a sitting area. Matching this look of having the kitchen and then your seating area outside (if possible) will keep with the flow of both of your spaces. Remember, most importantly, to have enough space for you and guests to comfortably walk from one spot to the next. If you cannot do this without losing the flow of your space, do your best to match it, while leaving an acceptable amount of room around furnishings and decor.

Connecting a roof or pergola to your home can help ease the transition from inside to outside, and as an added bonus, will keep you dry if the weather is wet, and can be a big wow factor for a patio.


If homeowners are looking to match their inside space with their outdoor space, the easiest thing they can do is stick to the same color scheme for both spaces. The colors do not have to be exactly the same, but should be the same hue, whether that be neutral or bold. Keeping the color scheme the same will naturally bring the two spaces together, and is really as easy as adding a rug or pillows and blankets here and there.  


Furniture and extra touches


A great way to bring continuity to both your indoor and outdoor living space is to add the comforts of your home to your outdoor space. If you have large fluffy pillows, or a nice big couch in your living room, mimic that look on your patio. Fire pits can be built out of the same material that your indoor fire place is made of, light fixtures can be the same, and hanging a tv outside instantly makes your outdoor space feel cozy and homey.


These tips and ideas will be able to help homeowners have a piece of their indoors outside, and will allow them to enjoy their space throughout the year, with all the comforts of indoors.