how to have a child friendly yard

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Our backyards are our oasis. We spend our spring and summers basking in the sun, reading a good book, and listening to the soothing sound of a water fountain. While this sounds magical, it is not always the case when you have children. Most landscape design is focused on softscaping and hardscaping, and not necessarily on how to make the yard work for both you and your children.


Both children and adults’ benefit from having time spent outdoors. Being outdoors helps us clear our mind, reduces stress, and allows us to explore. When you have a child friendly outdoor space, it encourages everyone to get outside and get their energy out, and can make time spent outside more enjoyable.



Child friendly backyard additions

Play structure

If your outdoor space allows, an age-appropriate play structure will have children playing outside for hours. Play structures that include swinging, sliding and climbing encourage children to be physically active while having fun. Get a play structure that can grow as your children grow so that they can enjoy it for a long time.

Your grass

You want your children to be able to run around and have fun, but if you notice your grass is not growing because of the heavy foot traffic, you may want to consider putting in artificial grass. Artificial grass allows you to have the look of grass, without having to worry about it getting wrecked, or the maintenance involved in keeping it healthy.


Including a sandbox into your outdoor space allows your children to play with sand even when they are not at the beach. A sandbox can be made out of wood or plastic, and encourages children’s gross and fine motor skills while they dig or build sandcastles.


Providing shade in your outdoor space is important, as you want to protect your children from the sun. Install a canopy or roof structure to make outdoor play a little more enjoyable, especially on hot days.


Add water


Who doesn’t love to play in water? If you have a large yard think about adding an inground or above ground pool that both adults and children can get enjoyment from. If you have a smaller yard a small pond or tiny pool will still do the trick.




If you plan on having guests over for outdoor dinners, install lighting in your backyard so that the children can play while the adults relax by a fire with a drink. This will keep everyone safer, and allow your play space to get even more use.


Add natural elements


Create natural playscapes in your outdoor space by adding cut tree trunks that can mimic a table and stools, or a log that be used as a balance beam and seating area. If you are lucky enough to have large trees in your backyard, tree houses are fun at any age, and can be turned into a cozy space for young children and teens alike.


Both children and adults can benefit from adding these fun ideas to their outdoor space. Not only will these ideas allow children to get their energy out, but will make lasting memories for the entire family.