How to have a dog friendly backyard

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Natasha Maerz

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We want everyone in our family to enjoy spending time in our backyard, and this includes our pets.  It is important for homeowners to keep their backyard pet friendly which means keeping it safe and comfortable for our four-legged friends.

How can you keep your backyard dog friendly?

Fence your yard

If possible, the best thing you can do for your dog is to get your yard fenced. While dogs that live in the country can roam freely, it is a little more tricky for dogs that live in the city. Not only will a fence keep your dog in your yard, it will keep other animals from coming in, and will allow your dog to get exercise without the threat of them running away.

If you already have a fence, be sure to check it regularly for any gaps that dogs can squeeze through.


Dogs love to dig, but if you do not want them digging in your flower garden or new grass area, dedicate an area for them where they are allowed to dig. You can even fill a sandbox with sand and encourage your dog to dig there by burying treats and toys for them to find.


Water feature

A small child’s pool is a great source of fun for dogs that love the water. As an added bonus they will be able to cool off in their pool during warmer months.

Keep the area safe

Dogs will get into anything left out, so it is important to ensure that any fertilizer or weed killer is put away where they cannot access it. Things like rat poison should also be put out of reach.


Your dog needs to be able to cool off during the day, just like you. Ensure that your yard has a cool, shady spot that your dog has free access to, and fresh unlimited water.

Plants and trees

Ensure that your backyard has only nontoxic and safe plants and trees.

Hardscape some areas

To protect your grass from urine, hardscape material like rock or gravel can allow your dog to go to the bathroom without giving you a spotty lawn.

Make a puppy playground

Tunnels, balance beams, and jumps can be a fun way for your dog to let out energy and playfulness. A child’s tunnel even does the trick!

Keeping your dog safe and entertained will allow the entire family to enjoy the outdoors, and done properly can create a stress-free atmosphere.