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Everyone’s yard and landscaping could use a freshening up every couple of years. While most homeowners think that they need to do something drastic, like rebuild their patio or redo their fence and take on huge landscaping projects , there are small design ideas that can be done to maintain curb appeal, refresh your front yard,  and keep your outdoor living space looking fresh and new.

So, what can be done to freshen up your outdoor space?

Adding Mulch to your landscape 

If your flower beds are looking a little lacklustre, adding a fresh layer of mulch is just the thing to get your garden looking great again. Mulch makes your flower beds and trees pop, and prevents weeds from growing. If you normally go for a brown mulch, try adding black mulch to get an even more unique look. Give your retaining wall hardscape a makeover by adding mulch and flower beds on top of it, or in front of it to really give your outdoor living space a makeover. 

Add a raised garden bed

Raised garden beds can turn a garden from a regular boring garden, into a new aesthetically pleasing look to your outdoor space. Not only do raised garden beds provide drainage and protect your plants from pests, but they can prevent soil compaction. Raised beds can be made out of wood or brick, and can be painted to add even more of a personal touch to them.


Add a path or walkway

A path or walkway that leads to a part of your garden or patio can have a dramatic effect on your landscape, with just a little bit of work. Paths and walkways can be built out of paving stones, concrete, gravel or rock, and can be bordered by flowers for an even more stunning look.

Add lighting to your outdoor space 

Touches of lighting, whether it be string lights or lamp posts, can make even the oldest of spaces turn into an enchanted place. When the sun goes down and a soft glow comes from your yard, your space can literally be transformed. Outside lighting can be as minimal or as grand as homeowners want it to be, and will have everyone staying outside a little bit longer.

Edging along gardens and walkways 

Edging adds a crisp clean look to garden beds, driveways, and walkways. There are many different materials that can be used for edging, such as round rock or bricks, and a little bit of new material can go a long way into creating a new look for your outdoor space.


Add seating to your outdoor living space 

When it comes to truly enjoying the look of a landscape, relaxation is key. Add a homemade wooden bench to your outdoor space that guests can relax on. Benches can make your outdoor living area feel like a park, and will have you wanting to bask in the beauty of your yard for a little bit longer. If your look is more modern than rustic, a metal bench placed along the edge of a flower bed adds a nice touch.

Little touches here and there can really spruce up your outdoor space with minimal effort, and great reward.