Maintain curb appeal in the winter

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During the spring and summer months our homes landscaping always looks its best. The flowers are blooming, plants are thriving, and grass is growing. When the winter weather hits, the outside of our homes can look dull.  Luckily, there are things that homeowners can do to change their exterior that can withstand the frigid winter weather.    

Paint your front door

  The houses that have the most curb appeal are ones that have little touches that stand out. Painting your door a primary color looks great against a white winter landscape. The focal point will be on your newly painted door, so make sure your porch has décor to match.  

Update your house numbers

  Who says house numbers have to be boring? There are many different house numbers that come in different sizes and designs. This change is small, but can add serious curb appeal.  

Use your summer décor in winter

  Instead of bringing in your furniture and décor for the winter, add touches to each piece for the change of the season. Add a throw to your chairs and big fluffy pillows, and put greenery, such as ferns, in your planters.  

Add a chandelier

  Chandeliers instantly give an outdoor space richness. Hang one up at your front entrance to add a nice warm glow for guests arriving to your house. Lighting is an inexpensive way to add instant curb appeal, and give your landscape a welcoming feel.  

Use the beauty of winter to your advantage

  The snow creates a gorgeous backdrop for your plants and flowers, making their colors pop against the whiteness of the landscape. Cold weather plants such as narcissi, snow drops, and hellebores are able to withstand winter weather, making them a perfect option.    

Clean your gutters

  Leaves accumulate in your gutters in the fall, and can give your home an “untidy” look. Before winter hits, clean out those gutters!    

Clear your driveway

  It can be harder in the winter to keep up with outside chores because of how cold it can get, but curb appeal starts with having a clean driveway and yard. In the fall, make sure you rake the leaves, and in the winter clear snow off of your driveway and walkways. Be sure to store any toys, or lawn equipment away for the winter. Not only will these steps make your yard look nice, it allows your guests to safely get to your home.    

Refresh your trim

  Before the cold weather hits, a nice way to update your home without having to do a huge overhaul is to put a fresh coat on your trim, and any outdoor railings. This will really revive your home, and is simple to accomplish.       To enhance curb appeal for the fall and winter, look at what you want to update, and complete these updates before the cold weather hits. By being prepared, you will be able to enjoy the colder months knowing your home has exceptional curb appeal.