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Table of contents


  1. How telling us your budget affects your project 
  2. What type of machines does back 40 landscaping have?
  3. Why are Google Reviews so important?
  4. Certified Paver installers
  5. Certified Retaining wall installers


  1. 10 problems with Allan Block concrete retaining walls you can’t afford not to know
  2. 5 things you should know before installing a retaining wall 
  1. Allan Block retaining wall reviews
  2. Allan Block pattern retaining walls 
  3. A simple breakdown of retaining wall costs 
  4. Allan Block retaining wall block
  5. Back 40 Landscaping Qualifications
  6. Certified retaining wall installers 
  7. Best retaining wall builders Abbotsford  B.C
  8. Best retaining wall builders Chilliwack B.C
  9. Best retaining wall builders Mission  B.C
  10. Best retaining wall builders Langley B.C
  11. Best retaining wall builders Fraser Valley 
  12. Barkman Retaining walls 
  13. Belgard retaining walls 
  14. Basalite retaining walls 
  15. Best practices for retaining walls
  16. Who needs a retaining wall?
  17. Can I DIY my retaining wall?
  18. Certified Wall builders 
  19. Common retaining wall questions 
  20. Designing your retaining wall
  21. Do all contractors build their retaining walls the same?
  22. Does my yard really need a retaining wall?
  23. Do retaining walls need drainage?
  24. Excavation for retaining walls 
  25. FAQ about retaining walls 
  26. Four things to consider when having a retaining wall built
  27. Financial aspects of a retaining wall you should know 
  28. How does price affect my retaining wall? 
  29. How much is my Allan Block retaining wall going to realistically cost?
  30. How to design a retaining wall
  31. How to get a retaining wall built before Summer
  32. How high can a retaining wall be built?
  33. How long does the process of buying a retaining wall take?
  34. How much does an Allan Block retaining wall cost?
  35. How to choose what my retaining wall is made of?
  36. How to make sure your retaining wall lasts 
  37. Poured concrete vs. Allan Block retaining wall
  38. Problem with Allan Block retaining walls 
  39. Retaining wall cuts 
  40. Retaining wall block options
  41. Retaining wall drainage
  42. Retaining wall equipment, tools and safety 
  43. Retaining wall tips from an Allan Block certified wall installer 
  44. Retaining wall wood vs. Allan Block
  45. Retaining walls are not built the same 
  46. Retaining wall colors 
  47. Retaining wall materials 
  48. Retaining wall renovation 
  49. Retaining wall strength
  50. Retaining walls, what to expect
  51. Should I build my own retaining wall? 
  52. Should I fix my failing retaining wall if I am selling my house?
  53. Should my retaining wall be curved or straight? 
  54. Should I wait to replace my failing retaining wall?
  55. Trust your retaining wall installer 
  56. Tech0-bloc retaining walls 
  57. The retaining wall base
  58. The best retaining wall product you can get
  59. The ultimate guide to retaining walls 
  60. Retaining wall add ons 
  61. Retaining Wall options 
  62. What to know before building a retaining wall?
  63. What is a retaining wall?
  64. What should I budget for a retaining wall in 2023?
  65. Why does the cost of a retaining wall vary so much between contractors?
  66. Why are retaining walls so expensive?
  67. Why are no two retaining walls built alike?
  68. Why is my retaining wall failing?
  69. Why choose Allan block for a retaining wall?
  70. What are the advantages of a retaining wall? 
  71. What type of drainage does my retaining wall need?
  72. Who is a good fit for a retaining wall?