A simple breakdown of outdoor living space cost

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Sam Maerz

Sam Maerz

Owner/Site Foreman


How much does an outdoor living space cost?

The cost of an Outdoor living space can vary between $20,000 too well over $100,000.

This wide price range is because of the significant price differences between options available to you.


Let’s break down the 3 biggest factors that impact the overall cost of your Outdoor Living space.


  • Roof structure: To truly be an Outdoor living space your patio needs a roof structure. These can vary between $1000 for an enclosed pergola to say $50,000 for a custom rough timber roof structure tied into your existing homes roofline.


  • Size and design of the hardscape patio: The bigger the patio, and more complex the pattern the higher the cost will be. Small spaces may cost 5 – $10,000, while large raised patios can be upwards of $30,000.


  • Custom elements: Customized Outdoor Living spaces include water features and  gas fire pits. These can be relatively inexpensive if you’re ok with small off the shelve types, but if you’re looking for a jaw dropping focal point expect to pay upwards of $20,000.


With this wide range of pricing between $20,000 – $100,000 expect to get whatever you want within your budget.