Ways to update your outdoor living space

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You’ve had your patio for a couple of years now, and have accumulated furniture and décor throughout the years to add to it, but using the same décor year after year can have you wishing for change. You are looking to update your outdoor living space do not want to do a huge overhaul or spend a lot of time changing up your space.  Get your yard ready for entertaining with these ideas!

Add a splash of color

Changing up the look of your outdoor space can be as easy as adding touches of color here and there. Try adding some new flowers to you space in different hues to liven things up, or add a colorful rug or cushions to the mix. Your space will feel refreshed and bright.

Add a water feature

Water features add calm and serenity to your outdoor living space, and add a peaceful sound to your outdoor space. It can be as simple as getting a small water feature, or having a company come in a build a waterfall, and will make a big impact to the look of your space. Adding some plants and fish to your water feature will make it feel like you have gained an entirely new space.

Add a path or walkway

An easy addition to spruce up your backyard is to add a walkway or a path using pavers. If you want to get even more intricate, you can do a river rock pathway with paving stones for steps. Whatever you decide, a walkway will not only make it enjoyable to get to your outdoor space, but will change the overall look and feel of your backyard.

Add flower beds

Edging around trees, and creating flower beds is an easy way to bring life back to your outdoor space, for a small amount of work. Adding fresh mulch adds richness to the landscape, and many types of grasses, plants, and flowers can be added to complete the look.

Hang curtains

An inexpensive way to update your patio space is to add curtains. Not only does this add extra privacy to your space, it can protect you and your guests from the elements of the weather, such as wind, rain and snow. Curtains can be changed for different seasons as well. An airy, flowy curtain, is great for summer, and a curtain with a thicker fabric is good for winter. Curtains come in many styles and colors, and can be changed out quite easily for different seasons.

Design your space in “Sections”

By dividing your patio in sections, you can create different “Spots” for each space. A separate kitchen space makes it nice for cooking and dining, while a lounging area with soft lighting and a fire pit helps guests to relax and decompress from the week.  Sections can be divided by furniture, plants, or even privacy lattices, to really create different spaces on your patio.

Add a touch of greenery

Adding greenery to your outdoor space livens up your patio and walkways during any season! In the spring and summer, potted plants and shrubs can be placed on all areas of your outdoor space. In the winter adding garland gives your space a festive feel, and lights and bows can be added for a more Christmassy feel.

Other ways to update your outdoor living space

  • Outdoor furniture/patio furniture like dining sets, outdoor chairs, ottomans, side tables, coffee tables, daybeds, conversation set, umbrellas
  • Adding an outdoor kitchen to enhance outdoor dining
  • Fire pit or outdoor fire place
  • Gazebo or pergola 


Updating your outdoor space can be as easy as adding a couple simple touches here and there, and can make you feel like you’ve done an overhaul on your space, without the headache of a construction project.